January 19, 2007

careful slippery surface!

some people are lucky...
they never sprain any joints before...
and may they never experience my pain..

number of joints sprained in history.
both ankles and lower back (aka spine)

treatments seeked in history.
acupuncture, sensei and their frightful but amazing hands and the latest, painless and relatively effective steaming method.

OOoooo.... stupid me reading newspaper on why 7%GST hike announced after election (who can resist the temptation?) walking on slippery steps wearing my most worn out shoe with almost no sole to even talk about friction at all...
and to make things even more wonderful on this wonderous day,
i had to climb up the steps of the bus to find myself some available seat... and i fell down the steps again later to damage my surviving ankle to give a total of 2 wonderously swollen ankle.

to make things really scary, the time as saw on the way out of the bus was 1313hrs... scary~

lesson learnt? nope cos i didnt get my left ankle done cos i needed one thats not under treatment to WALK! hmm... and i gotta work the next day too! WOW!

and please dont scroll down if are weak in the stomach.
i present my chubby and swollen feet! say hello!

January 18, 2007

Brave Singaporeans

Chinese New Year is coming and the aunties are out in full force to shock and stun the youngsters by showing them that they are much much more DARING than them.
just look at this aunty! Its in Orchard mind you.
my goodness~ shes got the courage and confidence to carry that off and seriously, i thought, this should be encouraged in a sane manner such that Singapore can up its creativity quota just a tat higher.
hint:look at JAPAN. (need i say more?)

January 01, 2007

New year resolution...

to earn more $$
turn myself into a mugger..
sing better than ever...
be a better daughter and sister
spend more time with friends..
squeese hours a day into 36!
accomplish more in every aspect
to quit my current job by june and go into coaching

everybody to find happiness and love
lessen sufferings, lessen gloomy news.