January 29, 2006


CNY aka Chinese New Year~
something that we used to see as the time of the year when we get the chance to wear new clothes, shoes, and everything nice.
besides that we get to eat all a whole years worth of sweets, be naughty and escape scolding, stay up late, enjoy up to two days of school without the hazzle of homework to complete!

now that i've grown up a little more things are different.
money matters hold me back when i shop for new clothes, shoes and everything nice.
my figure and my shoe size is a huge worry and well its frustrating sometimes...
haha yea i admit.
eating is also a problem... you cant eat as happily and carefreely as you would when you are small cos they would say eat, eat!
now its like paiseh lar~ cannot eat like a glutton, must maintain my already WOW figure and well they wouldnt let me eat that much either anyway~
now that im grown up, i have to know that i must behave myself, or embarasse myself from my stupidity.
and with the way school are for me now. i'll ask you "what holiday?!"
i have tonnes of homework to complete admist the unbearable holiday mood. so tell me now. what holiday? i still have an exam on the immediate day after the supposed holiday!
anyway, its nice to see hows everyone especially when you meet them probably once a year.
although some of them you would rather not meet. sad case but well without that link that keeps you and them connected, theres a very high probability that you would rather not meet.
lol i think ive written too much sad sad stuffs liao~

anyway! for nicer sweeter stuffs~
eat more sweets,
stay sweet,
stay sweet with your honey if you have a honey(dont worry wont get fat one lar),
may your returns for any investements be sweet( and that includes school, work, love, and everything that has a return in anyway),
and well may everything run smoothly for ya!
good health and happy days are a must!

January 25, 2006


wow 2 more days to CNY~
haiz so tired~~

rushed sch work till 5 yesterday morn and now im sick... AGAIN!
shyt! i hate it when you feel like everything's stuck in you and you cant get anything OUT!
i feel like my hands and legs are swollen, my eye really irrated and dry, then body numb.
maybe im dying slowly....
wadever lar~ i dont want to think anymore liao
my blain really burnt out liao~

and then dear ms Tan has to remind me (via mr alvin) of the constant fear, which i hear from all the teachers who has taught me, that my progress is always a downward slope.
DOWNWARD leh~! siao liao~ this is not happening AGAIN! walau!

and then i had to almost fall out of bed.
i dont really like the new bed leh~
two stories high, above me height.
really a chore to climb into bed when your damn tired.
and really hard to climb out of bed when you just woke
i hate that stranded feeling once in bed. stupid.
bed scratch me AGAIN lar~ walau! freakin bleading real bad lar! OOOOWWWWWWwwwwwwIE!

new furniture sucks~ so much dust! okay so its the dust from the production but wadever lar!
to people whose real sensitive especially in the respiratory system~ it SUCKS! and thanks arh
asthma attack for the freakin 3rd time today~
and when i woke from nap, got it AGAIN! screw it man!

stupid brain doesnt want to rest!
not working liao still want to be hero and stay awake.
today is the first time i can sit in the train playing stupid games on the phone trying desperately to stay awake while listening to music and et fall asleep!
dam i almost drop my phone a couple of times!

and you know what, that green handphone strap of mine broke for the second time and this time i dont have the luxury to collect the beads cos its on a crowded bus and its jerking from break overdose.
its scary when things happen like that.
all i did was to hold my handphone in my hands and wait for the bus to stop at my stop.
and all of a sudden you hear a couple of beads dropping, then it rained down.
its like a freaky scary movie where curses and anti-curses appear all the time to fight each other!
maybe someone's trying to curse me.... wa biang~ now i really freak out liao!

sianded, time to take a bath and fall asleep again...
ah tomorrow got steamboat wif a couple of friends.
i want to take picture~ buahahaha
i want a laptop and a Coolpix S4~ buahahaha
before i decide t go for the Digital SLR Cameras~ yea just maybe~

nikon website

January 17, 2006

number,green,curse attack!!!!!

the numbers are not behaving themselves these few days...
playful in nature, they tend to give me patterns to stare in awe.
for example. i was to take bus 112 and my friend 81.
the buses came in order at the bus stop like this.
112, 113, 80, 81.
and after that i stared at my watch. it says 1818.
...okay fine so this happens all the time but its a little too much for the last few days.
rushing to school and i stole a look at the EzLink card machine's time and it says 0808,
during class i suddenly had this urge to look at the clock and it says 1111.
then during lunch, my time says 1314 and the taxi that zoomed past, 4131.
okay.... not your everyday thingy but something interesting to me afterall...

my brother accompany me and we bought this really nice wall clock for the study room.
choose another wallet to replace the poor dear wallet...
and we got the same design but he had to insist that i choose GREEN!
omg! i mean what is going on?! im wearing a green-brown long skirt, holding onto a green handphone accessory, changed back to my original greem card pouch, uses a green sling bag for outings and uses greem eyeshadow!
and i have this fetish to take picture of green things... AWwww... *faint*

the school's admin seriously SUCK! and i really mean it!
i dont know why our coordinator likes to quit but its frustrating when things dont get done and you dont have that extra energy to be bothered further with all these stuffs!!!
it makes you suspect if FUBDO 0505A is cursed, thats why the admin isnt keen to open a day degree course~
the curse of the biomedical class...
whatever... i want to get outta there and im gonna really work to that!
aim: get out of this school.
you know... im not so sure about the distinction cert for this course anymore..
the exams are just too difficult and everything's rushing too fast. much faster than last term and so fast i cant do everything right anymore!
so much for a distinction....


January 15, 2006


so i havent blogged in a long time. so my style of crapping might change. so what?
lives been as dull as it has been.
so the police sent me a mail to say that they are still invistigating my stolen wallet.
my last clue's came to a dead end after the CCTV came up with nothing cos its just a dummy that hasnt been wired at all.
so she still bothers me and thinks she can be a air-stewardess with japan airlines and loves to work out at a gym at bugis known as amoura. and she wants me to help her like spoon feed literally with school work, but i dont want to. so i am suppose to sympathise with her personal issues and communication inability, but sorry my EQ and IQ says no way. too bad, im just gonna be nasty with you cos i cant help it.
maybe i'll just say "SORRY LOR"
so i've been much happier these few days after all the raining and cold weather here and the sun seems so much more beautiful against the blue blue sky.
and i ate so much these few days i think im gonna have problems fitting into my new year clothes. and well maybe for my 21st brithday, i shall do the impossible of slimming down. nah... maybe not, something simpler like passing FUBDO with distinction and starting to teach swimming would be nice~
shall settled for that.
oh and its time to go for that trial, before it becomes another case of procrastination that never ends.


January 08, 2006

...scream out loud just once..?

its times like this when i feel helpless and really down to the deepest pits; when everyone (or rather most of the everyone) who tells me that i can call them when i need them ignores me due to alot of excuses... yea excuses are excuses and im still veri upset and rather its affecting me whenever im alone or with my family...
its like im a two face person who's always happy in front of everyone else and i turn nasty and moody in front of family... take today... once i reach home and went for a dinner with me parents, i was sulking throughout till even now... and i flare up at any little thing that they do which upsets me... i dont want to be such a meanie...
i know it but i cant help it... its not like i enjoy spoiling the supposedly happy outing... i want to happy too! but i just cant find that 'thang'...
even the song "you are the sunshine of my life" fail to bring me up again...
i attribute this to the fact that i did not loss my wallet.
Instead it was STOLEN from me...T.T oh my gawd was the reaction, and then this cant be really happening...
i saw this advertisement just now. " have you ever felt caught in the rapid change in life and all you need was to scream out loud just once?"
yea this is one of the times that i felt like going to the sea to just scream out into the sea and sit there to stone until i feel better or better still get over it.
but guess its not happening cos im retreating into my shell again...
and yea i think im shutting myself up again... less outing, less contact, less risk...
i can feel myself backing back into the shell of mine... to protect me and my darlings in my own shell...

no contact no risk. time to go back into my shell.

a reply or rather a comment to a friend's blog
"happy new year indeed...
and yes i havent spent money or rather i dont have money to spend cos someone in school STOLE my wallet in bright daylight... T.T
how... i beri beri sad leh... and i still cannot get over it!
and as you said... everyone's cooped up with all these 'necessities' that they are still ignoring my call for a little comfort even when i take the pain to come online when im totally not in the mood to... sigh... how how? aiyah... T.T
ahNgee "

January 05, 2006


blardee 'ell!
someone stole my wallet!!
damn it man... my IC is in it and i LURVE that picture on the IC! now that i lost it and dont have that picture anymore goodbye to my favourite...
freakin thief!!!
may you get knocked down by the SBS bus and suffer in bed from the injury!
you cant talk, wash yourself, lost your hand or better still lose all your motor ability!
shit and wet yourself all the time and get so disfigures you might as well just DIE!!!
and may those be so horrifying to you that you suffer so much and want to die but too bad you blardee hell CANT!
and when you die, they'll wrap you in plastic bag and burn you in the incinerator with the garbage of Singapore!
and when you finally reach hell~ satan wouldnt even want you cos you sucked so bad and carry the injury with you to hell such that you are a burden nobody even satan wants!
and then you remain on earth so weak that your just a image that people cant even see!
and last of all~ no im not gonna say FU cos i dont want to.
DAMN U ARSE'OLE! i hope the police gets you and cane you so hard you cant sit forever!

now which nice soul would get me that wallet... a black one with a button for the coin section cos zips always spoils.... please~... that would really make my day...

January 04, 2006


well today was a rather interesting day...
in school we receive a news that lesson was cancelled last minute and well a trip to school for nothing.
went with my mom to office and later with my uncle to a lawyer firm to sign some documents before we head down for a sumptuous meal but damn the client who was late for almost 2 hours that my awaited meal degraded back to what i had everyday. wanton noodles. geez...
then in the evening met the long awaited gunardi from germany~
my goodness so many of my friends are gonna be doctors in practice in the near future!
that settles all the necessary professionals i might need when i get older~ buahaha
cardiologist settled! next?!
well we had noodles at crystal jade in ngeeanncity or rather takashimaya.
not bad untiol we had to get a cab which was rather scarce during that period of time so that gunardi can rush down to the airport in time for check in~ ah well at least it was fun!
then i had to go HMV and spend almost 90 dear dear dollars on my growing list of CDs.
and then i had to sound that alarm when i walk out! i admit the attention was fun and well i should have swang that bag across to sound the alarm a few more times.
i mean how many times when you shop do you get to sound that alarm?!

now im officially fed up with my assignment from cell molecular bio cos i cant freakin decipher any information i found so far~ just a bunch of craps that are of no use or are too deep to be used... damnit...
and so i ponder over this interesting yahoo site.
its fun to see questions shooting all over the place... maybe im really cut out to teach...
i answer a couple of questions and posted a couple of mine... yea~ im hooked actually cos its like answering people's question and finding out something new at the same time~ extra knowledge gained! why not?!
but for now its time to sleep again~ nightie

January 02, 2006


well after much comtemplation~ i still cannot decide which song for the trial session...
so my brother choose a song and i decided to stick to it.
and now im trying to get the feel and make it the best i can but~ its never good enough...
and to make things worse... im getting the butterflies in the tummy even before signing up for a recording session...

詞曲: David Tao



我願意改變 (what can I do?)
重新再來一遍 (just give me chance)
感情已那麼深 叫我怎麼能收手

I , I only want to be your friend
我猜妳心中只是 just a friend 不是情人
So I 我不能只是 be your friend
I just can't be your friend

January 01, 2006

happy 2006!

well its the first of January 2006 already!
thats fast but well too bad i cant stop or pause time where it is...
besides 2005 isnt a great year for me either so off with 2005 towards a better 2006!
and to you the readers or the visitors~
a very happy 2006 to you, and may this year be full of nice nice surprises and bliss for you and your loved ones and friends~!