May 19, 2008

chain emails

i like to read my emails if they are fun.
and of all things i choose to disregard chian letters like this one.
but, then again these emails has stuffs to make u giggle once in a while at what it gives u. (besides the 8 years bad luck if u dont send it to 20 ppl, or he will not fall in love with u ever if u dont send it to 40 ppl blah blah...)

okay so this is what this email said about me. answer in RED.
how about you?! :p

1.) What is your favourite colour?
-Red (brave)
-Pink (sweet)
-Yellow (fun)
-Light blue (carefree)

2) What is your favourite hang-out place with your friends?
-Home (simple)
-Shopping mall (crazy, fun)
-Dinner at restaurant (serious)

3) What is your usual dress code?
-Pants and shirt (simple)
-Long flowy dress (graceful, elegant)
-Pajamas? (sloppy)
-Cap, mini running shorts and singlet (atheletic)

4) If you had free time, what would you do?
-Have a picnic with family and relatives (cares, loves family)
-Throw a party with friends (wacky)
-Read a book (shy, hardworking)
-Play with your dolls (childish)

5) Name one of your hobbies
-Photography (creative)
-Studying (clever, mature)
-Dancing (graceful)

6) What is your favourite genre of music?
-Pop (fun)
-Rock (loud, crazy)
-Classical (relaxed, carefree)

7) In your opinion, who is the most important person/people/thing in your life?
-*Him (lovesick)
-Bank account (moneyminded)
-Family (lovable, sweet)

8) If your mother gives you $50, you would...
-Donate it to charity (helpful)
-Demand more, because it's not enough to get you the stuff you want (greedy)
-Give it to the bully because he/she says so (soft)

9) If the guy of your dreams asks you out the day before the exams, you...

-Tell him to study for the exams first. (mature)
-Just go out with him (naughty)
-Run away quickly (shy)

10) What is your favourite time of the day?
-Afternoon (cheerful)
-Morning (healthy)
-Night (dark, emotional)

May 15, 2008

the busy day dreamer

I am no upset. I think its PMS.
It sucks to know that only females suffer this phenomenon.
as if its a good thing... Mood swings are not good i can tell u this.
And its even worse when you are someone who likes to
daydream, imagine, and hope against hope it can happen someday.
ive been staring at my handphone waiting for a call or a sms.
for what? from who? who cares?? wth man..... this is so not me.
what stupidity! My goodness... I didnt grow up to be such a shallow person!

So i am naive, blur and most of the time clueless.
but at least i have a conscious mind working and i make an effort to perform la..
im beginning to not perform so well at work... i dunno why...
school's not bad so far but definitely can be alot better.... ALOT better.
im so worn out at the end of the day, i dont even feel like changing out of my clothes, going for my bath, check my emails, do my revisions (which are so overdued), update my class's status, get tomorrow's clothes ready, drink my soup, bring my bag into my room..........blah
i just want to lay on the couch in whatever im in, hug my huge bag and fall asleep.
in the morning, i almost always wake up in shock cos i forget to set my alarm clock, i always pray there's another 2 hours more to sleep, fall asleep at the sink brushing my teeth, just stand there and stare at my sister in bed snoring away (lol), curse myself for being so dumb at wearing contact lens, hope that the bus uncle would go faster for me, that the train im in would just stall, grumble at the fact that i have class tonight, grumble at my wardrobe for not selecting what to wear for me, hate that i have to think breakfast? or skip?(i still dont have the habit...sigh), fumble for a song in my creative for something that would wake me up, stare at that eye candy in the train beside me :p.........blah

i just gave myself the death sentence... i lurve, absolutely lurve to wake up horribly late in the morning. and of all things, i gave myself more work to do and now i have to wake up early every single day of the week. responsibility....argh....
so what if im earning from them? i have to freeze me arse off, sun in the sun, dry up me skin and hair, scream till im hoarse, and still force a smile at the end of the day consoling myself its what i want.
honestly, i am glad and happy at the end of each class. but is that what i want? i cant say yes.
the committment it too much sometimes, and really, most of the time performance is not up to me to produce and give. its out of my control 75% of the time. and its always my fault when performance is not seen. sigh....
now i cant let go of these darlings... so what if they are of all race and sizes? so what they are 6 to 55 years old? i agreed and promise to take them in, now they are under my care, and i dont give up on people easily. not when i promise i would stay with them so long they want me to. willingly. and i realise.....its not the money. otherwise why would i always forget its time to collect the monnie until they ask me and pay me? im just not good with money.... now i feel even worse.... lol

ah and this point: ahNgee MOVE ON will you?!

lucky im an optimist. at least i think so.
i like to complain, this is me~ haha...
hey! at least i put this in green (not so hard on ur eyes), lol~
sorry la... for any complains from wasting your time to what-a-load-of-crap.
but at least i updated~ buahahahah!! (^.^)

15-05-2008 1pm

May 14, 2008

i am an egoistic realistic person

Q: Are You a Romantic or Realistic Girl?

A: You are Totally Realistic
Romance means you're about to roll your eyes
Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama
Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship
For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life
You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one
Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.

Q: Are You Id, Ego, or Superego?

A: You Are the Ego
You take a balanced approach to your life.
You definitely aren't afraid to act out on your desires - even crazy ones.
But you usually think first.
Morals drive you as much as hedonism does.
You've been able to live a life of pleasure... without living a life of excess.

see...... i told u i have SUPER ego already...
okay..... so the romantic part isnt exactly what i expected. hey! i have a different definition for romantic la..... think about it. when ur man turns around and gives u a great smile and mouth 'I LOVE U' isnt that romantic already? simple and its FOC! lol!!

May 11, 2008

another polarpanda??

wa~ i should've registered polarpanda.... i typed the wrong address and found

some online game store, they even got polarpanda cartoonised! wa wa wah.......
okay.... now im just glad i get to keep polarpanda....
haha~ at least great minds do think alike! only they earn much much much more and im haha...... nvm...

Just Like Heaven

'The dark circles were scaring the patients.'
- from movie "Just like Heaven"

I watched the last 40% of the movie twice on TV..
cant seemed to catch the first bit of this movie. but its overall a nice romantic movie.
okay something ahNgee usually dont watch but... haha~
hmm... come to think of it... i dont watch movie that often either....
wa biangz.... really no life...... T.T haiz...

its essentially about this doc who died and the only person who can see her is this guy.
turns out they were suppose to meet the day she got into an accident.
lol~ and so they grew to love each other during that brief moments before she woke from her coma and.....

go borrow the DVD la~


May 04, 2008


i dunno whether to cry or laugh now.

i've been fighting to drive dad's car since day 1 and today... i was given the almost impossible offer and i didnt blardee bring anything with me!
no driving licence, no driving! T.T Waaa........

there's an accident on PIE towards Jurong Town Hall near Toh Tuck Road exit... a massice jam was forming already and well i was asked to send a sms to 883 jia or power98. our favourite radio station, at least its a preferred thing la. and guess what, theres no DJ today! wow! wonderful! i feel like an idiot..

okay... and of all days, today cramps started. it was blardee hot, but i can still feel the chill. i feel sick, i want to sleep. my body says if u continue to heat up in this weather, im gonna force shut down. otherwise i can always fall ill cos u mistreat me, stand in the wind soaking wet then no breakfast somemore! wait till i teach u a lesson!

and my boss even better.
kenna stuck in Yangon (also known as Rangoon), Myanmar.
airport destroyed or something like that, so tomorrow's appointments and operations have to settle somehow... i'll think about that tomorrow when i'm at work.
alrdy got call from work liao... got patient in CCU aka ICU to take care off, patients due to be discharged tomorrow, have 3 pregnant ladies dangerously close to due date, patients in the queue for operation scheduled alrdy.. man... the OT nurse isnt gonna be very happy to hear my voice tomorrow morning... doctors and calling svcs to call, hospital and patients to inform...and im not enjoying the attention at all...
its gonna be a long day and i have a really bad headache alrdy... i shall get my starbucks mocha tomorrow. die die i must have my tranqilliser to soothe myself~ i think i'll have quite a few cuppa.... i can feel it coming alrdy.
i can feel myself gearing up, to put in really bad language,.... i feel like an agitated puppy seeking that warm hand to cuddle, to seek reassurance, comfort... i could use a good morning sms... havent receive any in a long long blardee long time.... hmm....

okay.... really cannot alrdy... better retire to bed before i kenna forced shut down for real.