June 17, 2007


Finally... i got my well deserved trip just yesterday...


I didnt expect the trip to be so exhausting.

It started at 5am and i reach home at 1am...

as expected, i comatose in the bus everytime the trip took longer than half an hour.

my mom wasnt surprised but my dad was terrified =)

he was (and still is) when i fall asleep as soon as i board the plane, slept throughout and only wake when we landed. haha~ my aunty call this a gift.


it was drizzling throughout the trip.

the meals not bad considering that the lobster was fresh... hehheh

the fireflies, ah so.... AWWwwww.......

its been a long time since the last time.

i was in Thailand, Chengmai.

living in a valley with villagers and our only connection was a setallite phone from the Singapore Embassy in Thailand. i was on a OCIP trip.

Fireflies surround me every single night, during dinner, showers, even as im falling asleep.

it was beautiful and really, its beautiful when theres nothing modern there besides our torchlights. they have this calming effect. the blinking, the flowing river, the quietness...

this time, i saw them while travelling on a boat. its a new experience and i havent really gotten over it. i wasnt excited or anything close.

it felt like im searching for this feeling, like meeting an old friend.

and there they are...

i dont know what got to me. i told my mother 越夜越美丽。。。

she just smile. my dad thought im ill... my sister...well she's just too excited.

just then, the young couple travelling with us kissed. it was just so romantic...

my dad not wanting to lose to them snuggle with mother...

im glad im there to give them their time alone.

im glad im there.

and i made a promise to myself, the next time i go there, it would be with someone special...

someone romantic...

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June 09, 2007

cherries! my fruit debut

i was munching on one of them when i realise the water droplets are so pretty~!!

and suddenly my brain just sparked and i realise i haven touch my camera for a darn long time!

just look at my silica gel turning a pinkish shade of purple!

so i started my camera, tuned the time and pressed the shutters~ adjusted the aperature twitch the shutter speed and voila!

i am so darn happy so darn HAPPIE!!!

i cant believe i am munching on these poor things right now~

ahwell~ they are where i got them for! haha!


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