August 27, 2006

simple destress action: SIGH

Life is stressful when you work with 2 bosses everyday with extreme mood swings.
one minute they are jovial the next they are squinting at you criticising every move you make.
haiz... what to do? tahan and let it pass lor.
i realise that a simple thing that people do everyday is really beneficial in these situations where you cant do anything to avoid.


yes a simple action that releases every tension, stress, upset, despair or any other emotional trauma during work.
what can we mere workers do? swallow and smile lor.
everyone has the right to like someone more lar... anyway my world and my bosses world are of two different extreme. HDB is something out of their territory. you get the idea...
we have a long way to go and we need the money to survive anyway.
so until i then, i shall stay on and learn, experience and absorb from this.
a job that many see as one for the stupid and dumb.
yea i agree... its rather a brainless job. no brain required actually... just routine.

BUT with this stressful environment, i find myself in even more hectic schedule.
foreign language every wed
SFA111/06 every tues and thurs evenings (which just ended last thursday i score 29/30 =D)
泉青 gathering every other thurs evenings
choir every saturdays until probably after concert
not alot i see but i dont have enough time already.

and yet i have the time to join the summer festival last night and believe me when i say its fun.
i got a portrait done, fortune told by a professional and beautiful japanese fortune teller (she said my health will deteriorate, got 2 beautiful goldfish fishing with paper net, made alot of memories with foreign friends. beautiful indeed...

supper and dinner today was even better.
family type gossip about everything under the sky.
i shall reserve that for probably a new blog with my brother probably unless he PMS or pisses me off again.

just recover from a bad bad cold. still coughing and i hate that.
smokers trigger asthma real easily these few days.
watched 爱情魔法师 and trigger the 'oh~ where are you~' feeling
for goodness sake are you dead already or did we just missed each other?!
damn! i dont want to die a swinging single! NOOoooooo..........!

point to note: its time i stand up for myself.
because someone say im too good to everyone even those who torture and make fun of me.
i always thought its okay cos everyone has the right to do what they want.
but yea she's right. once what they do involves me in anyway i should make sure i dont end up losing myself just so that they can have their way.
its gonna be hard and i need help along the way... dont worry. i've learnt how to seek help recently(although it still feels awkward), with the constant reminder to myself that they are people out there who cares and are willing to help me see things through may it be a long talk on the bus ride home or a smsing session late in the night.
you know who you are and i want you to know that i appreciate that alot more than you would expect.


August 09, 2006

because i dont feel like it

i asked, "why didnt you pick up the phone call?"
reply, " because i dont feel like it"

thats the reply i got from my brother
why he pissed off. i dont know and personally im too tired to care also.

FUCK van for she's back. no wonder my brother dont want me to see who he's studying with last sunday. must be you BITCH. how can you support actions like
i call my sister see if she can bring me to dinner you wait ar and her reply,
haha okay settle liao then give me a call.

im so sick and tired especially after the lets watch a show at 1030 instead of 8 and let me know after the tickets are bought. FUCK lar im sick and tired of last minute calls for movies and unwanted and not needed initiative especially to a movie so distasteful and boring with throughly mindless plot as HARD CANDY. please, critics are not always right.

my job's probably taking a turn for the worse as my condition is taking a turn for the worse.
im considering a 6 month to 9 month condition before i quit and probably sooner if i cant handle school as well. its always jennifer this and that and always whats-my-name-again...

the last thing i need is a PMS episode from my brother.
supper. eating. i need a break so i took out my music. he says dont do that i ask why i needed something to relieve myself. he buay song. i continue to sms and talk to my friend he says "hang up" i dont and he starts chanting "hang up hang up...." i hang up. continue to sms and he gets pissed off. what?! isnt that what he ALWAYS do on suppers like this?! ALL THE BLOODY TIME. i pleaded begged and scolded no use he still does that. and i FUCKING CANT?! FUCK!!
and vanessa dont make me call you. please disappear into thin air and make it FAST.

and if anyone of you want to complain. FUCK OFF. this is my blog and i can grumble and complain all i want instead of telling you what interesting things some bloggers are telling you cos frankly im not interested in what you are interested in.