December 28, 2005

blood donation craze~

wow i actually pass to donate blood today! at the HSA just opposite outram MRT station.
okay to be truthful~ i am scared... yes i really am and i was ice cold by the time the nurse came~ and to think those previous times that i fail cos of the menstrual cycle where docs tell you "NO" cos you are at high risk of dizzy spells and stuffs.
the nurses are reallyt sweet and nice! and well except for the blood iron level test and that first numbing shot, its totally painless! buahaha yes its painless!
i think i might be hooked onto donating blood...
maybe i have a couple of photos next time~

cutie green dino bandage! =P

my first donation prick~ haha~ no blue black!

December 24, 2005

discovery studio

well today or rather yesterday is the 23rd of December 2005.
i had to go and make a trip to pasir ris to hand over a set of personalised stamps to a rather difficult customer...
then i told myself i would go to tampiness's century square to check out the recording studio thingy if the bus going there comes first.
and true enough! bus 21 comes at 1826 as compared to 1832 for bus 88.
and so i went to tampiness avenue 4 and found the studio in century square.
and guess what they have a website!
haha im thinking of making a cd for myself for my 21st birthday just to see how bad i sound! yea crazy but that would be an interesting experience anyway...
then i wanted to take a taxi home cos im so tired....
but lonh queue to take bus home.
i took bus 27 on the wrong side of the road and ended up at changi airport! damnit!
yea reach home bu around 8 plus 9, have dinner and sleep until 9 plus 10 then take a shower and now im clearing my mailbox, reading up the blogs that im suppose to read once in a while, tag, comment and update my blog.
busy busy...
and i have to work on the 24th of december...

oh did i mention that i just killed myself again by telling yc that i loved him and blah blah all in past-tense knowing that guys usually assume that its in the past-tense when you say it in past-tense when you actually mean the present-tense but you still say it in past tense just to protect yourself from the possibiliy of getting hurt from being rejected and hopefully everything is fine and you still remain friends..........T.T
why did i do that?! and its in the middle of my bioinformatics class!!!
i practically destroyed myself in that 5 minutes! scrunched up my heart and tore it apart!
fixing it back just in time to prevent myself from falling into a thousand irrpairable pieces of ahNgee on the floor by the end of class... and scaring the shit out of my classmates... besides i have to survive the horrible 冬至 dinner late that fateful 22/12/2005...
haiz.... so much disaster~ to much heartbreak... chey! so much for a merry and wonderful 2005 wishes from 2004.

December 18, 2005

the 2 hour entry...

staring at this empty page for almost 2 hours...
i finally pen down this and it just flowed somehow....
maybe... but ahwell at least this is an update~

yo listen up!
im going to take part in a concert by Consonance next year july and you guys better support me~
lol im excited lar~ dont blame me cos its just really nice to know that im going to sing again!!
whopee~!!! cant wait really!!

then there is the Consonance gathering which we exchanged gifts and well me and ruth fried lots of nuggets and onion rings and went there smelling like yucky oil woks!
people grow more pretty, more handsome and some more R(A)... haiz... what to do...?
then our lovely greg presented a lovely present, the cd from listenin'
oh my goodness~ i sounded HORRIBLE~! sian....
and now my brother hooked onto the song, seasons of love.
okay lar not bad lar~

slackers club had an outing with AJISEN dinner and movie, perhaps love and some christmas shoping... yea and met geri on her way home from orchard also and guess what, the car doesnt want to start and she got lost in singapore road!! buahahahah!!!
okay i shouldnt laugh....*sniffles*

and i spent 10 dollars at heartland mall taking neoprints that allow you to edit your appearance!
add eyelash~ clear complexion, add eyeshadow blah blah~ fun man lol!!
then seedless grapes! yesh!!! yummy and ohh... i want more.....
oh did i tell you i went for a pedicure and it was fun man!!! buahahahah!!!

what else.....

school starting tomorrow....*groans*
yea tomorrow....
you get the idea.... i shall say no more.....

December 11, 2005

i must be crazy!
i have a blog dedicated to songs or rather their lyrics
and i have this feeling that they are going to be alot chinese in there~
ah well that will be like a blog similar to which i update once in a blue-moon!
that blog being created at the spurge of sudden inspiration is named u touched my heart at
just a notice since i dont have any inspiration to do any entry as of yet...
im just still sleeping alot more than doc's advice anywhere on earth and yea im still growing wider~ haha

December 06, 2005


i need a break... a break to sort out all my thoughts... im confuse and really tired. mentally and physically... the exams. the human to human relations. the lies, the poseurs, the illusions... to go to a resort by the sea or better still on the sea... where you can just dive into the sea from the front door literally. or just sit there, listen to the sea and just sit there... a week would be nice... no phone, internet.... totally cut off from civilisation. dont ask me why because i dont know why... but of course without the magic of a loaded bank account, the best option would be to take a bus to the sea and chuck my phone in a corner for a while... dont blame me if i dont reply... i need a breather, and its not that i dont want to hear from you... i want to hear from you, but gimme time to myself for a while... just a while.

as usual alot has happened and im just to lazy to have them in here... typing is such a bothersome thing although writing is even more tiring... using my brain itself is a bothersome job already anyway... lets see... ahh...

i must be crazy liao~ no feeling... maybe i have split personality... maybe im just lucky to be able to cry, sleep and forget just like that... okay forget not 100% but at least its like wha?? yea i had feelings but its a did or a had... i dont deny but its past tense liao... too late... you alreasy poked me with that stiletto of yours... be it freigning ignorant or really forget. maybe its a disease very-short-term-bad-memory-span... i just have to magical ability okay~ jealous? nah too bad...

ehh.... i feel uhh.... wow....~ or was it the flu medicine...?

P/S: a lil more complains...
it sucks to realise that a 'friend' that you though was a friend actually take you for a fool and treat your words lightly... are my words so frail, so unconvincing, so worthless... is it my optimistic outlook or i 'joke' too much... maybe its time i change. no jokes no funny business so that people will start to take me seriously.

i see promises as a contract that has to happen... dont break them cos it willl just make the receiver feel lousy after all that anticipation... if you cant just let me know... but please dont do things like carry out the promise on someone else... trust me, the feeling of disappointment and realising that your duped sux big time... trust me, im though these so many times already and it still sux... i hate you! i hate you! stop doing things like that to me!

JLPT3, i hope i pass this... this time round... its funny how i actually enjoy studying and how i hate it so much even now... how results actually matter to me even though i show that i dont care... (and you, dont come telling me that i deserve my stupid results! cos its my fault i did badly and i admit it! i didnt complain about my A levels! you dont have to make it sound like im sulking and making a big scene when i didnt do a single thing like that. i moved on so SHUT UP.)