December 25, 2008



December 24, 2008

Singapore on the World Map

International Friendly Matches.

How did a friendly match became a violent confrontation??
to make things worse, the Singapore Flyer's on international news for breaking down for 6 hours plus.

Wow talk about putting Singapore on the World Map!
Now people from all over know Singapore fans can break into fights with the opposing team just like the others soccer, football blah blah
and whoa we actually have the world's tallest ferris wheel!

and i can tell people finally that we are indeed not in the middle of CHINA.
please people, get your bearings correct. we are surrounded by the SEA, not land.
and we are most definitely a melting pot as much as NY claims themselves to be~!
ha! take that whites! (concept stolen from Twilight)

publicity easily granted.

now all we have to do is damage control...
Twilight is a nice movie.
for girls.
is the romantic, fairytale, imaginary, totally untrue and will never happen event that almost all girls wish for.
the forbidden love, the overwhelming desire for the otherhalf, the selfless love, the jealous stares from girls in school.

it would be cool if i could meet a guy like him.
ha~ den i wouldnt have to worry about reaching work late, ERP, squeezing in the public transport. kekeke!!!! and i would have a cold surface to retreat to in the darn hot weather.
okay although its a little too cold at this time of the year but who cares ya?!
oh ya~! and he would probable be the only man strong enough to carry me~ finally someone i can dance with threading on the poor guy's toes~!!! :p

sorry guys but bring your girlfriend to this movie lar~
she would appreciate the gesture.
remember, the cinema's darn cold this time of year, so what the heck~!
you'll get your benefit la~ huggs and let her imagine herself as the actress and you as the VAMPIRE~

cheers and happy holidays
from the karchua shivering under her windbreaker alone on PH eve...
tsk tsk.....

ohh ohh~!! and gossip....
is this guy justin chon relative of 5566's zax wang??

why do they look so alike leh? at least to me they look like brothers or something...

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