June 15, 2009

School Holiday

June Holidays.

No Swimming lesson. No income.
Biangs... Life is hard without a stable income already.
okay, although I felt its the right time to siam right before H1N1 hits shores ha....
evil hor?

I'm technically jobless.
I should be very free, very poor, very happy.


I am very busy, very very poor and okay~ happy still.
It was the Zoo, then the Science Centre and a lot more places which i should visit to get some overdue businesses taken care off.
And my darlin guitar still needs some taking care off.
although its cheap and a hand-me-down but still i love it.
Im already low on cash and really i can understand how those people feel when they are outta job and really low on funds..

I have no life what so ever....
although what does it really mean to say 'I Got Life'?
really ???

anyways... there are some things like I realy should lose some weight that i think i could take care off... although im the typical lazy women, thats y im ugly and fat harhar!!!

top agenda to take care of.
clean the kitchen, finish the ceiling's painting, clear my wardrobe, my room, etc etc etc.....
okay, these should take care of my weight too~ ha....

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Will You End Up WIth Your Crush?

Yes! Your Crush!

You probably thought you two would end up together from the start, didn't you? Well usually you don't end up with your crush. But your one of the very few people who do. Congratulations, you two were destinied to be together.
Haiz... ya right... only in my dreams? maybe~ ha!

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