April 28, 2009

EepyBird's Sticky Note Experiment

sitcky NOTES!
i lurve it!
bright cheerful colors~ yesh!

from de guys who brought you the cocacola+menthos saga~

EepyBird's Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

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April 26, 2009

H1N1 aka SWINE Flu

Being the ahNGee thats been interested in these mandane stuffs....
its time that i recover that me thats interested and kaypo in these stuffs~ lol...

i got a confession to make first of all...
i DONT read newspapers nor watch the news...
so... ha..... i always am the last to know~
STUPIDITY right....?

anyways~ my ma was asking me about the H1N1 virus this morning.
including if we could eat pork at all if theres a chance that the pigs may be infected for all we know.

being the smart ass me, i ask her if she made a mistake with H5N1? H1N1 doesnt ring a bell!
ha~ i was so wrong lo~ when she said PIG i realise somethings wrong.
chinese paper. wah~ its been a long while since i read chinese papers. this time i devoured it greedily.

okay i concluded that:
1. It should be okay to eat COOKed pork since heat should do the job, and besides, whats the acid in our tummy for right?
(i was right~! However, it is essential to cook meat properly. A temperature of 70C (158F) would be sure to kill the virus. )

2. H1N1, sounds like an ancient strain...
(i was right again!! HA! it went back to 1918~ ancient right?!)

3. Symptoms.... probably like flu lor~ and shyt... im sneezing away NOW. uhoh...
(H1N1 is the same strain which causes seasonal outbreaks of flu in humans on a regular basis. Symptom of swine flu in humans appear to be similar to those produced by standard, seasonal flu. )

and what made me pretend to be this smart ass now?
the news on TV lah~ the magic box that got us glued all day on the couch rocketing the sales of chips and everything unhealthy.
mexico. phrase 4. temerature checks at the airports....

walau!!! phrase 4.... sustained human to human trasmission...
xiao liao lah...... scary like hell lor~ felt like SARs period again..
man am I glad I finally quit NOW! whew....

okay~ so this H1N1 aka SWINE FLU is like cousins to the H5N1 aka AVIAN FLU.
so these cousins probably share the same surname but are different family lo~
LOL~ synical expression...

so we've got an extension on the H5N1, H5N2 which is known to have infected people.
and H1N1 seemed jealous, jealous enough to want to catch up: The World Health Organization has confirmed that at least some of the cases are a never-before-seen version of the H1N1 strain of influenza type A, it contains genetic material that is typically found in strains of the virus that affect humans, birds and swine.

like all viruses, Flu viruses have the ability to swap genetic components with each other, thats means the new and improved version of H1N1 is a rojak of different versions of the virus.
Rojak in viral terms is bad bad news for us. in more common terms is mutation ar~!
mutation leh~ means new version, stronger, meaner and more deadly usually, unless its stupid or something (usually the failed versions "die out" la~ darwin's law muahahahah......)

so all my darlings out there, please load yourselves with vit C with workouts or something hor~ no more happy hours and late nights if u could help it alright?! build up ur immunity first! its always better to be on the defense than offense lah~ same in medical terms trust me~

BBC Swine Flu Watch
BBC News graphical Representation of the Avian Flu(H5N1)
CDC Fluview
WHO phase of pandemic alert

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April 24, 2009

dreaming part 2

this time its not a dream anymore!
WAH!! wish came true. finally!
and its the LAST DAMN TIME that i'll probably be squatting at he's school to cramp before the exams.

we've always stayed near the school of law or near the dance studios, up around the TCC area just by the turn of the road behind or at the crowded area near the OCBC bank. ive been by the gym a couple of times. okay literally at the entrance of the gym, hidden from the world out there... and for some reason, uncle decides to study at the end of the corridor. i almost ditched him for the national library cos this term i was so desperate before the exams. i've got absolutelty NOTHING in my brain to even rattle for the papers. and of all papers its my 'sister's' paper!! biang how can i even allow myself to score a C leh?? and so the dumb queen decides to lose her voice to this sexy voice which we all loved in the sec days~ the hoarse sexy voice~ OOoo.... and then it happened. i thought i was dreaming.

I stared HARD. he looks back awkward with the OS of what'cha lookin at??
it was funny. then i realise i got he's hp number.
LOL and i called as soon as he left my view of sight.
LOL! its him! god i miss that voice, the familarity so subtly foriegn after all these years... thank goodness for facebook for i found u lol.....

but well~ i dont really remember anything after that.
i lost my absolute resolve to study anyway. my brain was soo cooked, so tired and well... i was burning up too...

im well now after it got so bad i couldnt sleep at night cos i was coughing away.. so i decided its time to see my dear friend our friendly GP to get my yearly dose of yucky pills and syrups....eww.... now im sleeping like a baby. cant hear the phone ring, cant hear the surrounding. just plain dreamless sleep that last forever until i wake up.. yup. eat shit sleep. thats about it now.
and i still havent gotten my voice back..... i want to go KTV lei....


April 22, 2009

asking for love

how do you ask for love when you dont love in the first place?

sometimes i just dont understand how MCPs work down beneath... you've got what you want. its time to let go. dont expect me to change my perspective and kneel to the absolute disgrace of womenkind because i will absolutely not.

sometimes its easy to forget that people are ultimately human.
flesh and blood with lots of pain and well emotions too...
i've forgotten that the old man is human afterall beyond the fascade of ?polygamy
okay maybe its wife plus mistress.
and lets put the damn excitement of fooling around while tearing your loved ones apart aside. u are human too..

okay so i am sorry that overlooked the fact that you needed love and affection too.
but you pushed us away first! u let the woman loose into our lives and mashed us up so terribly that everytime she drifted past, the wounds tear apart and starts bleeding again.

its been 5 years since my dear granny passed away.
and truthfully, i didnt know the true meaning of 'its too late' until now.
there are so many things i wanted to learn from her. hugs that i would never have again. her perfume, her smile, her signature laughter... HA~ HA~ HA~
i wanted to learn how to cook from her, sit in her ride and go for a spin.
i can still remember how we affectionately tell people "my grandmother on skates".
her smile, her poise, her style and taste are definitely beyond all those 'tai tai' living around her. its like high class desperate housewives versus an artist! LOL

supper at amara hotel. ice-creams, noodles, rice, westerns etc etc etc... so long we are happy. money's not a problem.. yeah money is something that leaves most of ur worries behind. worries, problems, and the blahs that money can solve.

except this. THE WOMAN. ya, in 'french' its DA BITCH.
although im still ehh... relatively new in this world, ive met my share of bitches.
not the regular ones but the mean, horrible and really wholesome ones.
they give you hell for breakfast, crap for tea and lots of rubbish for dinner.
supper? nah~ i'll pass.

yup she gave me expired food since i was a child. no kidding!
maso lots of hampers for herself for god knows what reason since she always keeps them until they are dusty and pass their comsumption date where she'll then bring and WOW share with the gals in the office.
used to called her 手指票 cos everything she say good so long its from you. why? cos its blardee damn free and she can grab as much as she like cos u wont say a thing since she's the woman right? and i need my job!
and theres the 我不知 in cantonese she always use. she cant even send a fax for goodness sakes!so everything she dont know, we the OL complete for her lor...
the list goes on and on and on....
and her hall of fame: she food poisoned me on the first CNY eve dinner. WOW~

and now you want us to accept her?
hello~?! 尸骨未寒 heard of it?
well~ this old man brought her into the house even before she DIED!
needless to say this woman came to the house on the morning when my dear granny passed away. thinking of this still makes my blood boil.
she came hurried, conceal her joy behind lots of crocodile tears.
"im so sorry" she cried, her face dry as desert, her smile she cant hide.
MY GOD! my grandma's still lying on the bed, and the doc hasnt even arrived to pronounce her dead!!! legally, she's still DAMN BLARDEE ALIVE!!

and even before my grandmother's wake done and her body cremated? where's this old man? well resting in the house of this woman. i dont even want to guess what they did together.

my grandmother's body hasnt cooled, the ashes still warm, and this is what U the man of the house did. to your kids, your grandkids.
how blardee fuck do you expect us to respect u anymore?!

u need love. we tried but for hell trust us, we just cannt stand the sight of U and the woman in the same house. we gave u love BUT u pushed us away, trusting only the woman.
HOW FUCKING WELL can this woman take care of you when at the doctor, she's "i dont know, i dont know" to every stupid quesstion that we ask?! even the doctor cannot believe she lives with you!
she gives you soda and biscuits for lunch!! WAH~ fuck man! we give u this for lunch and we'l probably die cos u MCP cannot take not having HOT HOMECOOKED FOOD FOR ANY OF UR BLARDEE MEAL! what the HELL?!

and u expect us to ask u how's your health every damn day?! c'mon la~ if you are not well tell us! we cant be calling you every fucking day just to make sure u feel loved and cared for.

we are not that DAMN FREE to stroke your ego every now and then! we've got our lives and families you know?! u got that woman! leave us alone and go tour round de world la~!! u cant bring that FAT account of yours to hell when u die anyway. so why not treat us and urself to some goodness while u can?? hmm?

you should be glad that thoughts of taking you out for lunch did actually pass thought the minds of us grandkids... but the thought of having that glutton there and having to treat her just plain SUCKS! so its plan aborted everytime.
boh bian....

we used to feel guilty asking JimPo out for meals, having a great time with her. now we are free! cos we dont owe u a living now that the sluts responsible for you!

you know? there are days when naming her slut, bitch, and anything horried seemed appropriate, but we realise its an inslut to them if she were listed and branded with these words. even 'the thing' is an insult to the thing...

i just dont understand. 出的了厅堂进的了厨房。this woman fits NEITHER. she cant cook, and she disgraces us in public. have u had the time of explaining why your grandpa's girlfriend behaves like this and like that and eats like a glutton? or why is she dressed like this for a dinner? yu[ i have and had and probably will still get lots of these questions coming... sigh....

enough of my diarrhoea....
i wanted to say, i could show you more care and concern.
WHEN i see you, and when circumstances really call for the need to.
heck! im not that important in ur list anyway~

as for that woman, dont expect any less from us.
she's still not going to get less from us nor any better treatment or respect.
please la... having dinner on the same table as her is already the LIMIT!

who says i dont care about people? who says i dont care about their feelings?
now im worried how my cousin's gonna take it... she was really upset when she found out about this woman already.... and now to hear this....


April 21, 2009

WTF really!

My ahgong's girlfriend is now officially his wife.
what more can i say?

i think i need some time to sort myself out.
im so outraged!!! ARGH!!!!! FUCK

if u dun even know how to love ur family U dun know LOVE?!


Moorrre facebook quizes (Part3)

Your ideal job

You are keen on finding a cure, and enjoy saving lives and helping people. When someone is hurt you are first to help out and diagnose the problem, so grab the gloves & get operating!


What was your profession in your past life?

Pursuit of higher learning is your thing. Finding the truth in books written by those smarter than and expanding on that knowledge so that you too may one day achieve your own greatness. Knowledge is power learn all you can from this life, there is more than enough to keep you busy



Which Love Language do you have?

Time and Attention
You are a person of Time and Attention. This means you are most touched when people spend time with you and listen when you talk. You enjoy to do the same for others. Time and attention are a great way of communicating, but when someone else you love doesn't necessarily talk the way you do, it doesn't mean they don't love you. What would be their primary love language? The downside of this love language can be people assume you are lazy because you take your time. Try to find out how hey treat you when they try to show love, and try to speak their love language back to them so they feel loved.


Hot Heart

You are liked by all.
There isn't a mean bone in your body.
All your friends like you and the ones that are not wish they were.
You are always nice and try to see the best in everyone.

"yeah right.... im just high today after all the antibiotics im taking....."


When will U die?
31st october , 2008
not much time left!!

"lol.... im already dead!"


HOW will U die?

Road accident

You will die in a Hit and Run accident on your way back home from the shops. You will suffer from serious head injury but sadly pass away at 2:42am in hospital.

"OMG~ they even got the time ya?! scary cos i always thought i'll die unnatural death..."



稍微損壞的耳環: 耳環代表的是你失蹤的寵物~



What is your O level score?

Top scorer of your school.
You are intelligent, dilligent and hard working. When you were in Secondary School, you were so outstanding that others felt that they were not very good. You surely manage your time well. If you have enough bonus points, you will be a little confused whether to choose Hwa Chong or Raffles. But overall, you deserve the best education.

"haha... yea right....."

Which car fite you best?

Mini Cooper
There isn't a place you can't reach. You like your car small but spicy.



April 02, 2009

2nd April's FOOL

and i had to be the fool on 2nd April...

i didnt want to leave but i know deep down its time to say my farewells....
im leaving my job this saturday... T.T
3 years there and countless moments of joy and despair...LOL!!!
although i felt glad that patients ask me to stay cos they love me too much... harhar!!!
but i have to get my degree no matter what...
thats why i had to leave to concentrate on school....
okay... excuses excuse right....? ahh wattever

and today~ i had to be a fool
Swallowed a HUGE mouth of sour goats milk...ya EWWWW X10000000


i dont know what made me do that at all?!
it was goat's milk from yesterday which i forgot to drink.
Left it standing at the pantry till this morning..

i MUST BE crazy!!!
i actually took it, open it and took a huge swig from it.
of course i threw the rest of it away
that 1 mouth has left me with a sore throat.... its like sand paper back there...
i regret....im sorry... :p

so kids, remember~ please PUI anything that tasted wrong instead of swallowing it okay~
LOL.... another milestone in the dumbest moments of my life