July 13, 2005

bored at doing nothin'

well im officially bored and its times like this that i amuse myself that such a lazy person as i am can and have the ability to feel bored and maybe a little frustrated when you have absolutely nothing to do.

true that from 8am till now i have unlimited access to the internet and that i can do whatever i want to do that is unless my conscience tells me that it is not appropriate.
yes im working for my aunty at the moment at her office officially as her
receptionist+office-lady+secretary and so on.
equivelent to the 'sai gang' people in the army.... okay maybe not that bad as i have a computer to myself and that i have a nice posh seat, unlimited access to the coffee, tea, cookies, chocolates (yes chocolates that i havent touch yet anyway) and well air condition haha~ okay thats a little off what i have in mind to write in there.... damn i shouldnt be bored but i am!

oops... have to go clear the conference room....
im back and... okay now where was i.....?

oh yea actually i did have stuffs to do but i completed them already... and yes i have been sitting here doing basically everything that i know that i can do, even reading the quick review to microbiology(halfway and i start to feel giddy). so i finally settled to do this blog that i thought should be something done at home at the comfort of me home. not some freezing office in court shoes and nice-but-not-me-clothings.

imagine this.
1.) i found out that irregardless is not a word from somewhere i dont remember.

2.) i completed my search on brufen the stuff that im allergic to and even learnt that the antiallergy stuff i've been taking is an antihistamine.

3.) i found out that ParisHilton and NicoleRitchie are not friends anymore and that they are going to get married soon, i think. BritneySpears has been dubbed as greasy by some entertainment columnist, although i think that pregnant women should look like this.

4.) i realise that famous Cancarians, besides me haha okay not funny, include people like
LivTyler, GeorgeWashingtonBush(i wonder if its the father or the son...hmm...), GeorgeMichael, TomCruise(that explains his actions over KatieHolmes), SylvesterStallone, MichelleKwan, TomHanks, Giorgio Armani, BillCosby, HarrisonFord, PrincessDiana(now thats interesting) and even the Dalai Lama(oh my goodness!).

what else...

okay maybe i have the urge for macaroni&cheese cos i stumble on a webpage called cheeseonline and well they have tonnes of that recipe online, the urge to sleep cos im starting to feel the power of boredom surging like the force of the dark side(is it the lack of air in here...yup smells like it).

so am i not bored or what? to make things more interesting, i feel so lethargic when i finally got home i do nothing else and bore myself even further with that will not to move when im comfortable... haha dumb but true. and to add things up i got cramps when i woke up this morning cos i've been in heels for so long and havent stretch enough. that reminds me... time to stretch.
ahh..... better.....

lets see i have a possible meeting with keng and friends probable geri jon blah blah after a most probably exhausting and spent day at the pre-LTC training camp. teach swiming at yishun on friday afternoon, work full day again at suntec, i cant remember....

okay so far so good... ahh i think its time to pack up! YESH!!! and its 1745hours already! muahahah!

July 11, 2005

sick and lotsa things to do

damn i got myself sick again and for some reason i took this medication for fever and was reduced to a weakling with red spots and puffy eyes...
haiz... of all time i had to develope allergy to this medication now...

ah well at least im better and able to type this during work now haha.... blardee cold here and my fingers are freezing off me hands.... maybe i shall try typing with my knuckles instead.
after this entry will be time for another intake of my almost-a-meal medication that me brother had to put it down as supper before bedtime...

yuck... why do they have to taste bad once you grow up? i still remember the time when i had orange, strawberry flavoured medicine and nice nice pills to swallow. not these that leave the unimaginable bitter and horrifying taste in the throat and no sweet can cover that horrible lingering taste... but on the other side, im reaching my last dosage in like 3 more 'meals' yesh!

great when everything suddenly moves too fast for you to take a breather. especially when it concerns money and well free time. i was given the opportunity to earn dollars when a friend of mine requires people to sell the personalised stickers that she's pushing into the Singapore market. so i go every friday and sunday to carrefour to sell these stickers trying to earn as uch as possible although standing and talking/shouting for 12 hours is no easy feat to me.

and well the next phrase of my attachment in teaching swimming has started and well my firday afternoons will be spent in yishun swimming pool again haha! and if im not mistaken, they are paying me a small fee for the service which is fun and well something that i enjoy with the kids.

and for this week only, my aunty requires my aid as office receptionist as her collegues are out for reservice and something else that i dont remember... so after this hetic week and the usual on friday and sunday, i might chalk up enough to pay for the next of my language lessons. maybe i can even afford a couple of shopping items! Mmmmm...

ah well its nice to be doing something and be paid for it after everything is somewhat settled for me for the time being. at least until something turns up and demands my attention again.

i missed the cosplay convention and well cant be helped really, i dont want to go with my puffy eyes either even if my costume is ready. and well i think i missed the class outing that's suppose to be on last saturday but then im too sick to crawl outta bed... maybe next time which hopeully is sometime soon... haha okay im lazy, that explains my appearence.

July 04, 2005


thank you so much arh Keng for spoiling my day and that wee chance to start my ritual grumbling that i changed because you said you dont like it!
jonny thanks for that remeinder cos i wasnt intending to read that long long comment until you message me like 6 in the morning after i worked for a continuous 12 hours...ZzZzZzZz...
geri and mr hong, you two are so lovey dovey and that tupid army has taken so much time off you two, you deserve the time you have together. okay.... i dont remember what i wanted to type liao... haiz...

if you want to know what im doing here, go read keng's comment.
well its nice that you tried to scold me the way i felt... give attention yea but to have attention is good too once in a while. and tell you arh your handphone got problem with my number... everytime sms sure dont receive one! waste my $$ on messages that you will not receive so what the heck!
besides the last time you change to this number, you give them to who? everyone except me! no wonder i cant get you! and of all people who did i get your number from?
geri. she gave me your new number after realising that im sending message to the wrong person! you mother! heng i didnt do anything funny arh!
well is not that you guiys dont know what a failure i am at getting an outing... did that so many times always end up no outing one. since you guys can do a better job then let your do and i support lar! haiz...
wonderful things only happen when those that you feel for the most are not there to laugh with you. besides one of them was my crush! what do you expect?? getting his attention is a stunt alone liao wor!
well everytime i wait for your call you never call... notice the people you call dont include me?
i'll be glad to catch a movie with you ALONE but as usual it sends shivers down the spine haha!
well arhKeng arh... ahNgee NEVER enter clubs nor pubs before in my life up till now. and im definitely not the hip one!
really unless i have a boyfriend, i might have a lil something to let you know but then my life's been as boring as yours in army...
include you in my life, yup until something went terribly wrong and it took half the life outta me to get it over. and yes im still not over that whole episode...
ask jonny and geri. every outing is like hell to me. smile and what pretend nothing is wrong when its killing me inside?! talk about life!
rest and reflect? well i did that and thats why im so upset! and suddenly you feel so tired and taxed like you were working OT everyday of your life.
okay i might have changed alot because someone might not like something.
xk dont like whiney, tuo tuo la la, psyco me;
geri dont like winniethepooh, people to talk about things that are not perfect on her like the last time i tried to ask her about the nail art;
there are so many things to remember for so many other friends its tiring. but im told that these are part of the package that comes with every friend. okay.....
so.... let me take a breather for a while, the beach on saturday was really nice

thanks arh Keng for copying alot of phrases arh! i never knew that my ang mo can pass one arh.
oh yea i read your past entry geri and thanks its sweet. and thanks to your buggerbunny for taking time to browse through my blog although i suspect you guys are the only ones to read my blog haha.
jonny boy, jia you for that gf of yours and yea yea i'll call you when i need someone to talk to.

what a way to start my 20th year alive....

July 01, 2005


funny messed up feeling man...
i like attention and giving them to people.
especially when im just there listening and enjoying that company simply.
for some reason.... im suddenly remembered by alot almost all of my friends whom i dont usually contact...
but for some reason i had a wonderful sunday with my ex-crush hehheh at orchid country club where he compete international dance with his beautiful partner Orange.
a wonderful day with my friends from choir and all those who supported me (talk about a friend in need...)
a wonderful conversation with my friends from secondary school whom i've not met for a long time and im looking forward to an outing with ゆきふみ and maybe kkg too!

blardee hell! now where is the rest of them??
i simply have no idea!
guess ive given up trying to keep in contact when somehow i keep having that sinking feeling of being pushed away...
did i not play my part as a friend hard enough or am i trying just too damn hard?
fine so i dont worship anime, comic books, PS games or other hip thing like you guys do,
that doesnt mean that i cant be part of you for goodness sake.
thank to xk arh~ say i dont keep in contact with you guys, wth when im there and you have to talk about nothing else than things that are just not what i do in life?
who the hell do you think that i should change my lifestyle so that i can talk and mix better?!
forget it man! i have enough of trying to manupilate myself so that i can understand and get into those conversations that you guys have IN FRONT OF me as though im not there.
thats it! i think im better off being me than that fake just to keep my friends around.

okay so a couple of you might think im experiencing PMS, but im NOT!
fine so you have army and/or other committment, that doesnt mean that i have all the time in the world and attention to please you guys okay?!
please the time still tick outside camp and sometimes its faster and more packed then in your world!
so you! think and judge! am i the only person whose always 'not free not free' or 'why are you always busy and dont have time for us?' or simply '^$@&%#&' and i have no idea what the hell you are talking and still have the cheek to say ' aiyah she dont understand one lar!'

please hor! stop pushing all that blame one me! think of you own actions before putting anything unsightly to my name!
im not always that nice and well everything has a limit to it!
for now im sick and tired of trying so hard to please that few of you and forgetting those who are there and requires my attention too...