July 25, 2009

old times

it all started with 1 picture from primary6 at camp christine.

and people ive missed for the past 12 years came flooding in to comment in facebook.
my goodness~!!! some of them have changed so much I would NOT recognise them on the streets!
and we are as bad ass as we were 13 years ago~ good thing ehh?!

and so as i was packing up my area this morning, i found my file of all the pictures from ZHSS and NYJC. (hmm.... i wonder where the pics for chongfu has gone.....)
and well, i couldnt resist adding them to the collection.
I was laughing so hard looking through those pictures seeing how much we've all changed in such a short time!
aiya.....i was MUCH thinner.... damn.....

i remember the first time i took a leading position, the natural high on stage with guzheng troupe.
PB in ZHSS that offered me a chance to really crawl outta my shell and really work my arse off, the days in school decorating the building and stuffs, duties, sports day, canteen and bookshop, PB room, detention committee ha...., caligraphy class, etc etc etc.....

NYJC that had its highs and very lows.....
OCIP in Thailand(changmai) and LTCs

i miss those days...

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July 12, 2009

remembering my past


the past entries which ive clocked since day 1 was hilarious!
to think that ive been through all those crap, pen all those moments of emotional rush, bitched about life and well everything in between.

ahh~ and of course, the darlinSsss who have read, is reading my blog and has stayed with me for so long. Thank YOu! Its a wonder I havent bored you enough haha~~

Wow, Im such a daring idoit!
I blog about almost anything in the spur of the moment or the sudden urge to blog!
hmm... im not bitchy enough to rope in readers and engage them enough to be a starblogger though... aww....

but~ ha.... its nice to see and remember the past from these entries~
at least I know ive survived and lived a sometimes too colorful life~

p/s: for those that shot me down for defending gays; i still say watever darlin.
for those that hurt me so much in the past, thank you for making me a stronger
person today than yesterday.
for those that didnt believe in me, im glad u didnt cos my life is so great its
a dream and I dont wanna wake up!

for my friends, thank you for being there everytime, catching me when im falling
when im upset but bottled myself up, when i lost myself.
for the memories and everything else~ Im glad i have started this blog because
I have something to read, laugh, smile, and cry for the many days to come :)

July 11, 2009

Night Festival 2009: The Loop of Fortune

Night Festival 2009: The Loop of Fortune

By Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM (Germany)
Venue: Singapore Management University Campus Green, National Museum of Singapore Stamford Green and Stamford Road
Date: FRI 10 JUL 2009 - SAT 11 JUL 2009 10:30pm – 11:00pm

Making its premiere in Singapore, The Loop of Fortune weaves the audience and the surrounding architecture into the plot of the performance, and uses associative images to tell the story of a man’s happiness and destiny.
Starting from Singapore Management University’s Campus Green, the performance shifts across the street to a large-scale finale in front of the National Museum of Singapore. The Loop of Fortune unfolds through acrobatics, acting, live vocals and seamlessly interwoven firework displays. The audience accompanies the protagonist through various stages of his life, different emotional states – the joyful and naïve feelings of happiness alternate with overconfidence and fear – and finally, the dawn of the awareness that it is neither necessary nor possible to oppose one’s destiny.

(from National Museum of Singapore website)
It was suppose to be a gathering in honour of my birthday.
Steamboat and fireworks after that.
As with this group of peeps... I always felt left out.
because opinions are usually not sought from me but the girls of the same age.
I am 1 year older....
and if u ask me why i kept my silent?
I've known them for what? 10 years? and my opinions are always NOT important.
so why waste ur breath.
yes i've been disappointed many times.
thats why i say dont organise or plan a celebration of my birthday.
thats why i would rather spend it somewhere else like AYG this year.
true enough. its still the boyfriends and girly stuffs that get in the way.
Damn it. I knew its coming already but I choose to believe yet again.
and Damn it again, Im correct.
Now that its too late to return to the museum again... im am disappointed.
VERY disappointed... with myself too.... I should have made my stand and stood there to watch ALONE. at least ill return happy.
I an proud to say im an arty farty person.
I love opera, orchestra performances and above all, abstract art or modern expression such as the above... I should have listened to my heart....
after 24 years of training myself to keep mum and go with the flow.... its hard to break habit.
and because i love this group of peeps too much, i am hurt even more with the simple fact that they have forgotten that the gathering today is for me. they should have asked for my opinion.....
even after I hinted to the cat, it remained oblivious to them that I wanted to stay... and they had obviously forgotten that today's fireworks were suppose to be for me.....


July 07, 2009

fb quiz..(part 5)

Lovely Lady

You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don't loose yourself in work or curing other people's souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don't say your opinion when it's right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way... You are uniqe and rare!


Ang took the "Which molecule are you?" quiz and the result is Ethanol.

You are Ethanol. You are You are able to perform, so called "hydrogen bonds" with other like minded people. You are social and outgoing, sometimes testing how much Ethanol you are able to consume. You are represented as a "Socialiser"


Ang took the "How good are you at biology?" quiz and the result is Scientist.

Wow, you know a lot about biology!! You obviously enjoy science and should be a scientist!


Ang took the "What memory type do you have?" quiz and the result is Type A - Secretary Memory.

You have no doubt an excellent memory. Having a Secretary's type of memory means that you're probably a walking organiser / notebook yourself. You remember the big and important things, and wonderfully, the small and minor details as well. It's like you can be trusted and dependable on, cuz I guess you're seldom forgetful, which may lead to troubles. But I worry for your brain, seriously... If you ever felt that your brain is getting too hot a little, I suggest it's time to relax a bit, and just try, try, try your best to stop remembering all the minor stuff! You're the kind of person who looks at the whole picture, and give comments from the important to the little things. It's good so that if you're planning for a event, your team can rest assured that things are well-planned and see through with you around.