July 25, 2009

old times

it all started with 1 picture from primary6 at camp christine.

and people ive missed for the past 12 years came flooding in to comment in facebook.
my goodness~!!! some of them have changed so much I would NOT recognise them on the streets!
and we are as bad ass as we were 13 years ago~ good thing ehh?!

and so as i was packing up my area this morning, i found my file of all the pictures from ZHSS and NYJC. (hmm.... i wonder where the pics for chongfu has gone.....)
and well, i couldnt resist adding them to the collection.
I was laughing so hard looking through those pictures seeing how much we've all changed in such a short time!
aiya.....i was MUCH thinner.... damn.....

i remember the first time i took a leading position, the natural high on stage with guzheng troupe.
PB in ZHSS that offered me a chance to really crawl outta my shell and really work my arse off, the days in school decorating the building and stuffs, duties, sports day, canteen and bookshop, PB room, detention committee ha...., caligraphy class, etc etc etc.....

NYJC that had its highs and very lows.....
OCIP in Thailand(changmai) and LTCs

i miss those days...

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Anonymous Xin said...

heya :)

i felt the same for prefectorial board. the decorations and duties were a little annoying back those days. now it's just so much fun when i recalled the past.

working our ass off with the PB t-shirt, surviving on biscuits, and mdm lau's chicken rice/mac lunch, i think we really did our best putting up banners, drawing, cutting ribbons, and what nots.

lol, xin

6:33 PM  

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