June 27, 2006

My lost wisdom(tooth)

Dear Tooth Fairy,

i'm so sorry about the lost of yet another tooth to the dentist.
but it was meant to be.
Dr David Wong told me to remove this possible problematic wisdom tooth 6 years ago and i refused. maybe i should have for i have to remove it due to the unexpected decay of the tooth after i cracked it from a grain of sand.
and now i'm blaming myself for not taking a photo of the lost soul for rememberance... poor thing....

it was BLARDEE PAINFUL i tell you. and the aftermath even worse... T.T
my goodness...
It has been one hour already and i'm still shaking from the trauma, and now i'm feeling rather worn out from the PAIN after the extraction.
all i want now is relieve any form of relieve, let me bite your arm, scream at you or just cry.

apologetically(and-in-pain very),

June 25, 2006

someone to lean on the bus ride home

where are you........??

i was watching the korean movie Type B Boyfriend last night and i wanted to write something about relationships all of a sudden.

i didn't made it until now after 2 shows. a movie 新扎师兄 and a series 恶魔在身边.

i havent found the first one to share memories with me yet and im already turning 21.
it scares me sometimes.
its like a feeling of being forgotten. nobody remembers you. nobody thinks of you.
its scary trust me.

yet i wonder of my reaction when it finds me finally.

i have been one who's been openly joking that i want a boyfriend but it surprises me to know that most or maybe everyone seriously thinks and believe that i'm joking and not serious at all.
but i have been serious all the time. i want to find that boyfriend but i havent the courage to put it seriously for fear that people will advoid me or they will feel awkward around me. besides the real reason is i'm scared.

i've always been on the side of infatuation only. crush. one sided love.
and i have never received anything remotely close anyway.
although i have signed, and accepted alot of heart-break in return when the flower of love hasnt even bloom yet.
everytime i start to believe that i may go somewhere, a train will some and ram into me brutally crushing every ounce of hope and believe. its like a fire that ravages and leaves a trail of broken shards behind. a charred room whose walls are cruelly and brutally scarred.
i have suffered much too many life endangering injuries to trust anything close anymore.
im getting old and my heart cannot take anymore damage already.

although i being that stubborn me will always want to experience somehow. somewhere.
i want to find someone, i really want to.
no matter how afraid i may be, i want to.
someone to ride with one the way home, someone to lean on.
but this time i would like to remain passive. (i have received too many no's when i confess in the past and i am really tired already. 3 no's and its a strike, im out of the game)
although 2 of them(in a surprisingly cosy and jovial manner) were just a matter of asking for the sake of knowing after the feeling's long gone, it still stings.
its even worse when the second strike left me in a puddle of warm blood and a whole lot of broken parts.
i havent recover from the second strike as of yet.
sometimes i still cry in the night in bed for who-knows-what reason.
and too nice to be true dreams of blurry faced boyfriends turn into nightmares after a round of sweet-nothings.
yea im scared i admit but i need to conquer.

will YOU just stop hasitating and ask me already. please??

June 22, 2006

My Personal Fireworks Display(better than NDP)

A little something into what i actually let into the skies in china.
can you believe they cost us S$2 each?! (^V^)

June 20, 2006

YoHoo~ I'm Back from China!!

YoHoo~ I'm Back!!! and i am glad to for its so sad when i receive SMSes that my sister misses me and was crying for me to get home. Awww... she's such a cutie... so nice to feel her again~

I came back on 20/06/2006 at around 0050hrs

it was a bumpy ride and i was in and out of a rather interesting coma on the plane.
maybe its the plane maybe its me. but i cant seem to stay awake for nuts.
and something interesting, i actually spotted sprites when the plane was nearing Singapore.
i was just staring out the window in the rather dim cabin and saw massive columbia clouds in the distance.
there were lightening and i cant hear the thunder at all. then it hit me to look out for sprites as it's the perfect situation. Dark, eye level to the clouds top surface. and then i saw them. blue red white not always following the area where lightening strikes. and them we left the clouds behind and clear skies filled with diamonds flickering at me. my goodness. looking at the stars filled skies from the window's really something. too bad i cant take any pictures cos the window was too fogged up for the camera lenses to capture anything. T.T

it took me 15 minutes to upload the first 512MB SD card and i have another 2 to go. in total i used up 1280MB of memory and took a total of 1417 photos. still i had to control. i used 16 lithium AA sized batteries in all and i'm left with only 70yuan about 14Singapore dollars. i amlost missed all these because i forgot to bring the camera on the say when i left. i made over 60 calless to my brother and he never woke up. yea i dont know how but yea. and thanks to my daddy and mother who went back and got it for me. ;)

i donated 50Singapore dollars to the FloodVictims of Fujian which became 250yuan. a small sum to us but a massive sum to them. we bought 4D by liase with people back at home and we almost hit jackpot. 2965 wasnt the number. ahwell.

i'll update later cos im feeling sleepy again. time to ZZZzzzz....

June 10, 2006

090606 (Friday)

1100hrs and I already sold 2 stickers to a student. I have THE feeling for today.

I was thinking… should I get leave for Sunday and concentrate on packing up, rest early for Monday’s very early flight. Maybe I should.
I mean why not?? I don’t want to go over there and be all sleepy and blur from lack of sleep.

Sometimes I feel that the AngMo are too much for themselves. They think they are BIG or something and they have the right to complain, make a lot of noise over sesame and look you in the eyes with their huge eyeballs trying to press you into the ground with the stare.
And the rich, wa different price tag also must complain ar? Things are arrange like this. Assorted items are 5 dollars not all. Cannot put 5 dollar here isit? 990 and 5 dollar to you is nothing when you have your dinner in a French restaurant why karchiau me with that 450? Okay lar so that equals to your one cup of tea expensive. So don’t buy lar! Haiz… its very cheap for DVD already lar! Don’t kiam lar.
You don’t have to be mean just to prove you are right ok.


After lunch and another BIATCH came. A major bitch. Bitch and bitch non stop about me not noticing her hovering around the sticker stall, not walking to her when she’s here, not attending to her immediately. OMFG! You who? I notice you?? Have you noticed yourself in the first place? Are you THAT noticeable?! FUCK YOU! I’m packing up and all I can see are the DVDs. Have you heard of the word: concentrate?? ‘I’m rushing to the airport. I called and called you! How can you leave a number that doesn’t reach you here?! And you mother….’ FUCK YOU! Are you dumb or what? I can’t hear you! You were shopping for DVDs around me and you say you’re rushing to the airport? I say BULL SHIT and full of crap! And if you harass my mother during that call, you are so damn girl. BITCH is an understatement for you girl. So old liao still cannot think rationally. Girl you better watch out. Hazel Wong.

Now that I am reasonably cooled off, I realize that good customers make my day too. Simple things like asking for directions and then thanking me is a rather simple and small gesture but every time I get these responses, it makes my day. Seriously, even a smile does the trick and all it took till now is a grand total of 4 customers non related to sticker business at all. I’m still pissed off with that person yes but I won't let it carry on. It has got to stop here. Kitty and Pig are coming down later to ‘pei’ me. Since they are bored and I need support why not hehheh. Something I learn from this book I read from the shelf called: How To Get What You Want in the Workplace by John Gray. The author of: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It’s interesting to see things from the Mars and Venus point of view spelt clearly in the books.

Nice dinner at the Bratwurst shop. The lady gave me tomato ketchup and cheese today by pure mistake but the meal was wonderful! Its like addition of 2 ingredient made it WONDERFUL! Then of course it may be the company.
Kitty and Pig came down but kitty had of course her other half to attend to lar heehee.
And well they, knowing that I am a very lazy person decide to celebrate my birthday for me instead of waiting for me. And so they decide to book me on the 30th June for a dinner and some simple fun of getting together lor. Its nice and especially when I don’t have to do anything at all buahahahhahaah!!!!

We shifted the stall again and this time it just suddenly brought a lot of customers to us. But we have casualty during the process of course. Melvin scraped his skin off his fingers. OOooo…..

And so now I am doing the same old thing again. Nothing besides being the information counter for Carrefour, which I have a good mind to tell them off already, and not being able to sell more stickers. I’m stuck at 10. K

Kids these days don’t say Thank You anymore.

2032hrs, Sales no:11
Note to myself. Find the CD version of YanZi’s Live concert in HongKong 2005 (孙燕姿 飞跃红勘 香港演唱会).

My dad just got home from work and I am going to start packing up for closing. Cant wait to get back home already and well I’m tired la. Rest day tomorrow or so I think says my conscience. Haven’t done the French song yet… oh dear…
Ngee OUT. ;)

ps i got the leave for sunday. i think i deserve it... hehheh
08 06 2006 1133 hrs.

Today is my first day back at PS after working at Taka for almost 2 weeks.
It felt scary for the number of customer here’s really quiet as compared to Taka.
I wonder how many customers I would get today.
Ahh forgot to bring thumbdrive.

I don’t want to slack just because I’m going to quit and go over to working for the clinic. It’s too awful being so cold and heartless.
This job has given me a lot to start with and I should at least learn to be grateful in the first place.

Anyway I have rather sore eyes today. It’s like my eyes are popping out of their sockets and tender to the touch and every blink I take till now.
I wonder if it’s the side effects of the very bad cold I was recovering from for the past 2 days. It’s simply terrible having a running nose, ice-cold limbs and fever.
Nothing can soothe the horrible ordeal and I’m just glad it’s going away.
Clarinase does help if not at least a little.

I wonder if its just coincidence that I got the bad cold on the 6th of June of 2006. 666, what a number to get people excited especially after the DaVinciCode episode. And to think that there’s a gossip online that there is a baby born that day at 0606 hrs. OOooooo scary huh?

My main concern now is packing up.
I haven’t even started packing up for the China trip and im starting to get worried already. It’s like ‘Die….. Haven’t started packing…. Wonder if I have enough to pack and wear there…. Oh no…. How how?...’

OOoooo…. So PS Carrefour does sell luggage! And oh at a rather cheap price for the moment also from what I see~ hmm…. I ought to call dad and tell him about this.
Anyway I just came back from lunch with a miserable 1 sale from myself. This is pathetic!
And so I spent lunch mulling over nothing in particular. All I did was eat BurgerKing’s majesty burger meal in view of Garfield’s second movie. Not bad tasting and well I think I’m hooked with hot tea for the moment to warm myself up. PS Carrefour is unusually cold today. Must be the rain.
And then I was back at Best to have a look at the digi-cameras. Although I would like one with a filter and lots of professional stuffs, I have to settle for the Nikon Coolpix S4 for the moment. It’s the best I can ask for with a 10x optical Zoom, 4 mega pixel and well instead of rechargeable batteries, it takes AA size batteries. A welcoming feature just in case the plugs overseas cannot take Singapore’s plug shapes.
However it costs 599.00 after GST and I’m still worried about the 4 mega pixel instead of 6. I worry too much liao hor…?
And being the greedy me, I want that MP3 player also lor! 215.00 if price hasn’t raise or better still drop!
Still no one buying…. Ahh…. Siao liao!

Wow! Manager came to give me my pay and 3 sales came! This must be magic!
Ahh goody can buy camera! ;)

Wonder if anyone out there prefers recorded concert versions of songs as compared to the studio recorded versions of the same CDs.
It always sounds more professional to me. The feeling that the singer puts into each of these songs during concerts backup by the raw feeling from the audiences feeding the singer and driving them on to express the song even better than studio perfected.
Even the musicians and percussionists react to the drive and feel.
Otherwise I would opt for the rehearsals pr unplug versions of the songs. The carefree and pure enjoyment spilling from the speakers could just melt me.
But there are exceptions for singers with really nice songs but cannot perform live. Aww… its sad but sound engineers can do wonders when they edit recordings. Yes believe that.

Ahh… A filling dinner of my favorite Swiss Cheese Pork on a bun with mustard and lots of sauerkraut together with a nice cold pick lemonade from Snapple.
And I found the stock has arrived. Cold when I came back.
So off to stock facing and stock check. And well its already 1900hrs and I’m still sitting here cold with only 4 stamp and 1 sticker order for today…

1049hrs on 090606
I sold a total of 5 stickers and 6 stamps last night. Phew!
1100hrs and I already sold 2 stickers to a student. I have THE feeling for today.
I was thinking… should I get leave for Sunday and concentrate on packing up, rest early for Monday’s very early flight. Maybe I should.

June 07, 2006

Breath! Relax! Smile!

Singing should come naturally.
it should not feel forced nor uncomfortable.
once you have such symptoms when you are singing, that means you are not singing right.

at least thats what i gathered from the first meeting with Stanley.
and OMG i sound horrible for the first 2 recording.
no life no feel no nothing

at least i believe i learnt something for the 1.5 hours.
breathing and singing. Smile smile smile.
relac, smile, breath.
express phrase by phrase. breath! express word by word. relax! breath!
yes good~ now we shall adjourn for the next time and lets have a hear of the previous recording...
Hmm.... not bad~
OMG i could have dug a hole and hide in there!

now for the next time... we shall see.
time to sleep again. stupid body get sick so easily!

ah! thats the third tree i chopped down for tissue today... T.T

oh by the way, i think i got the clinic assistant job at Mt. Elizabeth.
ahwell~ might as well do something in the morning and earn a living when i seemed destined for the degree course with Bradford University at Bradford University lor...