April 25, 2007

Flame of Forest

Flame of the Forest in the farm
I was taking the train to Yishun for the once-in-a-while far-from-home practice venue on this saturday sunny afternoon. I always liked taking the train towards Yishun. The long stretches of greens from Yio Chu Kang Station to Kathib Station. I grew up learning which trees in the 'forests' are durian trees and spying on their branches for ripening fruits, learning to identify which are the Flame of Forest which we are taught in Primary Science but most never saw the tree itself. I am the only one in our class at that time and i'm rather proud of it.
its been many years since those days and taking that trip down to Yishun was rather touching that day. The Flame of Forest in those forest still at their familiar spots showed off their fiery red flowers at their tree tops. This time, it seems, they are flowering with much more vigour than I could remember. Perhaps its the Global Warming which helped the flowers bloom but i like to keep it simple. Maybe they are flowering just so that i can see them clearly as the train rush by. A route i frequent almost 10 years ago. The reservoir still is a sight to behold. the massive water, the reflection of the sky, the little jetty with ahpek waiting for his catch. slow quiet and lazy. just the way i like it.
till now when i finally have the time to type in my thoughts, i can still remember vividly the sights of the reds in the greens flowering beautifully in the harsh afternoon sun. the patches of red spreading further than i remember. somehow. im glad a part of my childhood remains although i foresee that i may disappear soon to HDBs or even worse...a new golf course...
it is until now that understood the pleasure being a child. let the children play... i do that now...even more because i realise i missed my playtime and i dont want any children to realise that too late like me...trust me let them play. they deserve it as much as anyone of us should.

due to ugly time constrain i had to write this in fifteen minutes at the internet-less and most basic com at work after working hours.... it was almost 1 week after i had this title for the entry... i hope it brought something back from before for you too as much as it did for me. cheers