July 29, 2007

bad habits good habits?

i must be crazy!
or i must have cultivated a habit which just has to go.

take it as save money, save time, save brain power.
i have to learn not to send SMS first thing after i switch off the alarm clock.
i have to learn not to be so irritating.

even i find myself irritating.
time to reorganise!
time to get back on track!

ahh.... but the habit to dress properely when i go out, no handphone during meals, play hard work hard has to stay!
it's hard learning them and i'm not letting these leave me anytime soon!


highlights of the week.

ATM forget money. Handphone left at doorstep. Shoe left in office. Cobbler in Singapore.

Daily happenings. Daily jokes. Daily junks.

rain. i should have known better than to drink on empty stomach.
beer.... and then mix beer with diluted vodka and whisky..... i should have known.
im lucky.

i still love 'you are the sunshine of my life' and 'dont know why'
i'm not keen on 'you make me wanna fall in love' at the moment.
im glad im taking things relatively good. not over reacting, not being immature.
i've really grown up if not at least a little.
im glad things are going to be the same.

i lost 10 kgs.
still look like crap. sian.....


ahNgee~ time to come back. come back soon. i miss the (^^)

July 09, 2007

FACETS by Consonance

FACETS by Consonance

Yoyo! I'm back from CAMP! as usual i return one step closer to the dark side.

Exams are coming, loads of report to complete...
In the midst of all these I found myself kaypo-ing in another dramatic suicidal act.

Consonance is a choir which is unique in our own ways.
Nope we are not a school, professional nor a church choir.
In fact we are a multi-racial, multi-religion, multi-personality...okay.... a ROJAK choir.
dont be mistaken!
we are registered and we dont con.
AND we have a concert coming up soon!

most importantly of all.....
I, 我,私、Moi, 나 자신.......... YES i am performing too!
you know what to (^^)

FACETS by Consonance

July 01, 2007

So you're not in love with him anymore?

So you're not in love with him anymore?
An extract from the movie Bewitched

Nicole Kidman said:

"I have never disliked a man
more in my entire life...

...which proves that I am
completely over him.

Not necessarily. In fact...

Besides, it was just a crush, which is
an intense but superficial attraction...

...that can easily be mistaken for
something deeper. Now go away. "
My answer:
" I wish. I wish I am as sure as she is..."