June 16, 2012

almost 1 year ago

was my last entry lamenting the state of rotting away, wishing away for a job and feeling really useless... I did receive your comments guys~ thanks for the encouraging words!
I hope everything's well for ya~ 

I managed to land myself a job end July.
It may have been a stroke of luck and I am grateful for the chance. I want to believe there is someone out there looking out for me. hey, honestly, it would be nice to if someone really is out there ain't it. that is why i choose to be, well, irrational.... that's why I didnt even complain when the pay was just enough to get by every month. 

I didn't know blogspot changed so much since my last update.
Its nice to be able to read the comments across posts now~

and I realize, I do complain alot. and oh?! I did blog in mandarin. cool....

okay, so life now is still as boring.
Although I managed to sing again, by taking vocal lessons. I could have just spent 7.50SGD to sing at a KTV pub.But for curiosity's sake and some unfounded courage, I signed up for classes.I don't know how to describe it. perhaps I had sung in choirs before, I have less problem singing and sometimes, I felt i'm wasting my time.I am nearing the end of my 2nd stage and honestly, I think I may have improved~ I didn't want to believe that but I actually felt I sounded even better now.
I even had the chance to sing with an acapella group thanks to the referral of my coach and the fortunate fact that I knew one of the singers personally :)

Archery is a hobby I decided to maintain and optimistically become good at it. so much that i make sure I go for sunday training. even roped my dad in just to get him out of the house for company and some father daughter time.

ah.. the reason for this post was because its so overdue.
perhaps I wanted to fill the space with a new entry.

maybe it was because I just met some friends for dinner and the only guy at the table was someone i liked and still do today
I've never been in a relationship, no one was interested in me, up till today.
and although its one sided, I am proud that when I like someone, its for real, it stays...
i still get that sourly feeling in the chest when I see him and know that he is so not into me. nothing in TV dramas ever happen in real life, that why its TV, tsk....

just last weekend, had dinner with a long time old old friend. and of all things, he had to mention the guy whom i had almost forgotten. sometimes these frightening stuffs come back to bite you. to remind you that those memories are real and they really hurt.
not just ahem, him.... there are ladies too... I am probably jealous that they are successful in areas that I just suck at I am such a lousy person. I cant stand it when they are living a better life than me. well in some ways better than me. I am a bad person... :/

note to self. you need to learn to let go. sometimes, winners are the ones that let go. why dwell on something that sucked for you when everyone's moved on? life is too short to waste like this. that's why you always give reasons to take short cuts. that's why you need to just let it go and ignore the news that comes with the occasional breeze. its just the wind, let it pass and go away quietly.

right, enough prep talk. time for bed!
Good night guys, and may you life be beautiful~ <3


Blogger Elgin said...

looking at your blog, it seems like you are someone that might be able to help me with mine..
if you have the time, take a peek and see what you think. i would love to hear from you!!

11:23 PM  
Blogger Christina Nichols-Cooley said...

Hey I just looked at your blog and I am really impressed. My mom and I just created one last night. We are having trouble finding a way to get it out there. And cuztomize it more than the 1st options gave. I would love it if you could maybe give me some advice or help us promote the page. We are called "Kids In the Middle of Nowhere."

8:24 AM  
Blogger abhasoft said...

thank you

8:41 PM  

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