February 03, 2008

"SweeNgee Thought"

SweeNgee Thought...
Sweeney Todd is a movie typical of Tim Burton's style.
Musical, Scary (sort-of),Tragedy....
Gloomy, Dark, Bloody...although the characters seemed to be happy in a rather strange way.
Im impressed with the singing of the characters~ loved their duets!
although it gets a little irritating with "i feel you johanna" keeps playing over and over again until it curls up in your ear like an earworm.
at the last part, the story unravels a little too fast and a little too complicated for really rusty movie-goers like me.
But it gets 4 stars from me

because its Sweeney Todd, there's my Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, there's singing and the cast is really rich~ Harhar

P/S: i wont be going near razors for a while~