June 22, 2008

the ultimate prize

i was out~ amk hub.
i was walking staring and contemplating if i should try the claw vending machine.
i was staring at the plush toys when i felt this soft tug at my jeans.
I stood there in awe as the ultimate prize climbed out of the machine at my feet...

yup~ i dunno whose kid this is but he tried to climb in again~ LOL!!

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June 12, 2008


June 09, 2008

serendipity... in a bag

what are the chances?
1 seat left on the upper deck of 111


June 05, 2008

sry guys.... :p

Dear all....
sorry i've been missing for ages.

it seems that i've been listed as MIA for a darn long period of time already.
far longer than my previous record.

even so, i still lack rest, sleep, time...
on the hours im free, my brain will automatically sleep.
sleep standing, sitting, eating, swimming.

hey~ at least i remember u guys.
its just that even replying emails require a tremendous effort.
i dont know what to say really..
i take comfort in the knowing that many of u are doing better than me.
aww... envy.... (>.<)

i think u gals at slacker's club probably has given up on me already~
paiseh la....
i know i keep saying i'll appear for the next gathering but i cant cos i have lessons on those nights.. boh bian wor...

Then there's my darlins piggy la, kitty la, princess la, and mr fab lol!sry ar~ promise i find time for fish head steamboat soon okay!!

Tatami. mother hen, selin san~ paiseh la~
no leave leh... got leave also must chiong school la..
u guys know rite..... haiz....
biang.... miss subway and pool lunch with ya alot wor....
then tatami, ur mother's chao dong fen.... i miss too wor~!!!
sobz sobz........ how ar??

marie, jon, and the rest~ die die i have to meet u guys before july!
biangz.... go overseas, exams, blah blah...
dunno when the next time will be ar....
jon u 'owe' me my book hor~ haha got excuse to meet le...
lets meet for some booze ok~ abt time too loL!!

Choir... haiz.... i've been like AWOL since dunno when...
i miss singing terribly...
even more so when im soaking wet, freezing my arse off somewhere near, really near u guys.
i HAVE to sing again. i dunno how but I'll BE BACK!!
lye sheng~ sorry for dumping all the load on u and de guys, ben, craig.... paiseh ar~...

james salim, if u r reading this, wow im surprise!!
next time u come over here, make sure u make a pit stop with me ya~!!
its been like what? 10 years?! okay......long long ago

Yukifumi, gomen ne.....
i havent been there for you at all since we graduated....
miss u lots.. miss the good old days.... what happen to us??
seriously? hmm~

Norbel, sry ar~ KTV haha..... sad case.
and hor.. next time u wanna party, tell me earlier la~~
we make sure it happens next time okay~ (^^)

guys... im sorry, really sorry haha~