March 20, 2007

balloons! and a lil complain

i always believed that i would someday take professional photographs. and people will admire my pictures wishing they have that knack for angles and lighting to grasp that magic. apparently i havent as yet and frankly i am far from professional!

but still present to you one of my wallpaper (yoyo balloons on water at last year's 夏祭り ) to constantly remind myself that i LOVE photography itself too much to give it up at all! i remembered that you darlings once complained that the pictures were too hard to piece together, so i chose one thats colorful and well should be a easy one to complete~ i hope...

i was going to complain but i remembered a blogger turn celebrity Xiaxue (if you still dont know her.... heres
her blog) once commented about the people leaning against the poles in the MRT.... and since she talked about it before... i shall stick to my complaining screamin business just in case i start a you-copy-her-you-loser slamming from her fans....

actually i almost fell and one aunty this morning cos this !#%#$%@# person lean comfortably on the bar! i could have stepped on him to punish him (those who know me personally would agree that it is indeed a JUST PUNSIHMENT) but i choose to smile to the aunty instead so that she feel better.
but anywaes~ i will complain in an as short as possible paragraph:

these people think they thin isit?! freaking stain in the freakin small tiny stairs of the double-deck buses just because they dont have a freaking place to sit!! for goodness sake!! its damn dangerous when we are going down cos the steps are impossibly small to step on in the first place! and YOU freakingly dumb asses offer me the tiny triangle of the steps to step on and guess what, the fatter man couldnt get a step properly and landed on me stuck between another dumb ass and i had to wrestle OUT! imagine the horror especially when my ankle isnt fixed after that bid mean nasty sprain!! please climb unto the roof if you want to or stay to the grounc floor PLEASE!!! use your COMMON SENSES!!! STEP ON YOUR TOES UNTIL U WAKE UP AR!!!

ahh..... much better...

March 16, 2007

irky cocktail

studying and working isnt a exactly a nice glass of cocktail.
especially when you want desperately to have a paying job and wonderful results from school.
things are stressful at the moment... too much to cramp, lousy leturers/tutors, and lousy days...
im losing 300 dollars from all that leave i took off work for exams...
and now i have that i-dont-want-to-work attitude creeping up my back again.
its been 9 months already and just 3 more months to go...
i dont know whats gonna happen cos im not really keen to let the job go at the moment.
but at the same time, i want to try something different, experience other jobs while i have the chance to.... and hopefully i will get one that is beneficial to my study by providing me with more time to do my revision...
im looking at relief teaching since ive been told upteen times that i will do good to teach.
i like talking and teaching anyway~

enough exposing now.... time for a little fun to wind off on a saturday
(although tomorrow unfortunately.... i have to work...)
presenting a cutie dancing to a nice tune~ enjoy!