May 30, 2007


men men men.... really hot MTVs, good looking guys, superb song. SEXY....
i cant get these two songs outta my head!
enjoy guys...

Maroon 5 VS Soler
makes me wonder 陌生人
Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

Soler - 陌生人

May 20, 2007

Dogma Theory...modern

during the typing of my lab report... my brother added he's view on translation (fresh from he's lecture)

3. After an mRNA message is translated during translation in the cytoplasm, mRNA said, “NA BEI LIM BEH LIANG TEH LEH!?”. The resulting product is a polypeptide chain consisting of many amino acids joined together by peptide bonds between the carbon and nitrogen atom. “Here arises a problem, should we go eat dinner outside or should we stay home and cook dinner” asked the wise Amino Yoda. Replied in true Buddhism wisdom, the Amino Dahli Lama said “Yo my black brother! Anything is cool yo. As long as we would be is playing ma fave black track “Heart Sutra” by Eminem feat. The Birdman Singers.

Haiz.. isnt life just fun when you have a brother...?

May 13, 2007

Alone In Love. 恋爱时代。

maybe its been a long time since i sat down ant watched TV already. maybe im just feeling lonely. its like the period when i was watching Winter Sonata. 冬季恋歌. after its fever wore off.
most people would remember that show. i did. now its Alone In Love. 恋爱时代。its about a couple who discover they are still very much in love with each other after their divorce. isnt it silly? i am so silly. its only a show! yet i am still feeling that tang of sour, achy heart for the girl in the show. times when she had to swallow her tears and watch her ex-hubby with another girl. times when she felt so lonely but had to endure alone. that loneliness, sadness, hopelessness... i can feel her man. the feelings are so real.. so real...


May 06, 2007

Vivocity, Carl's Jr

Snowman~! aiya weather so hot..snowman lost weight le~

its been a while and yes i know some of me fwends are complaining... paiseh la darlins...
i've got so much to share but my brain has only so much memory space... forgot most of my ideas already.
but i've got 1!

dont tell me you havent heard of it!
even I've been there! as of last night of course~ aha

its big... yup. its spacious... yup. its crowded.. yup. and i dont really like it. i dont know why. guess i dont really like crowded places thats all. its like theres only so many places to go in Singapore. everyones where you are. but okay its a nice mall with lotsa things to see. i dont mind window shopping with galfwends there. walk talk gossip crap and just hang out. money is an issue and i get bored easily. lost concentration. no stamina. but at least last night going there for the fun of it with my mom and dad and lil sis was good. i like it when we hang out like this. i want to do that more often...... oh yea. did i say yesterday was also my first time eating Carl's Jr?

surprise? dont be.