October 28, 2008

boss's birthday

my boss's birthday. scorpio. dinner at SAFRA mt faber.

party of 3 tables, lotsa fun and laughter, karaoke and food.
was seated with aunty alice and her family, shirley(lady boss's hair dresser) and james.

shared and bought this for de man.
lucky S/N Lee and me shared this for that particular sum.

the pure silk bow cost exactly what we put in lo~!! phew....

October 26, 2008

she's 7 already!!

shes my sister, and she's 7 yrs old.
please la~ she's no accident la~
honestly, ngeeDi and ahNgee already know the stork's bringing her to us la...

not looking back, my mom's really brave and all...
and my dad, well he's really someone isnt it? (harlow, its the sole bread winner side of him la!)

i can still remember its during my O levels when my mom was expecting my sister.
surely its tough for the whole family.
i can remember the days when we had to chip in and cover housework just so that my mom doesnt have to worry.
and the other gloom that hangs over us was our dear granny's health... i was in and out of hospital during that time cos i felt the duty to be there everytime my mother looks at me with that guilt-strickened eyes that she cant travel all over and help granny, and well i wanted to be there with granny.

she's not exactly young for a pregnant mother, and she's really weak on the heath side too..
and well, it breaks our heart to see her keeping mum about malaise just so that we can continue to enjoy the carefree days.
and my brother he's really something. girlfriend and all and yet he manages to cover my part during the exam periods.

my sister came just before my main papers.
imagine the stress when both of us got calls from dad that mother's in for an emergency caesarean in the evening. all went well and sister was really cooperative.
gave me my nights of sleep before exams, although that's probably my mother cooing her all those nights.

now she's a full blown devil who loves the color RED
and whos gotten the hearts of the men in the house.
even mom cant handle her.
so its moi, the BIG devil's job to control and keep her under control.

so guys out there, dont be fooled!

ehh? lol, this girl doesnt know the danger sitting next to her~keke~!!!

ya~ the loving couple... gross....

dad's treat!! VivoCity.

haha~!! i bought the devil these double scoops at Ben&Jerry's
she wanted brownies but they ran out, so i got her the brownies and this ultimate chocolate or something to replace. (",)

shared these 2 comic books Obelix&Asterix with bro for de devil's birthday present.. although i suspect its my brother who wanted these books in the first place....

lol~ i just gotta put this up. explains our monthly mood swings those men-dont-get-it episodes~ (^^) sorry guys~ been hard on ya huh??

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October 10, 2008

Suicidal Stunt...Stupid guy...

i'll update later, for now, here's the link.
frankly, i wished he jumped.

heres the story~

It was another ordinary day off for me.

Late mornings, bring sister to school, brunch with mom, shopping after that...same routine (well...almost) until wo go on our way home.
a crowd was gathering at the void deck of a block we are going to bypass.
something yellow was growing bigger and bigger.

then my mom spotted the missing link.
a youngster was seated at the ledge at the 6th floor.

My mom was shocked as that ignorant boy teased the crowd leaning away from the wall.
I on the other hand was furious!

Day in day out, i see people fight the war against cancer for their mere chance to survive yet another mere day.
the almost cruel ritual of their treatment schedule, it sometimes breaks my heart to see them even with almost 3 years of professional polishing from the docs and nurses i worked with. I see them again and again after every treatment, weaker, thinner, balder. I see them fight nausea, weakness in their limbs, the torture mentally and physically. I literally see some of them waste away... while some recover (goodie!).

so why are you still sitting there??

oh ya... i forgot...according to a book i read sometime back, the problem now is probably not simply to jump or not to jump.
its a situation which got out of their hand. the thing on their hand now is not death, its how to survive after survival.
its a fight to see how they can exit this situation and yet save their 'face'. they fear the coward label, the ugly situation of being whisked away by police etc etc....

well the civil defense did eventually pull him back in a rather efficient and well, im impressed~
kudos to them~

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October 09, 2008

Family Dinner at Yan Palace

It was a public holiday on 1st October 2008 in Singapore.
Not for Children's Day but for Hari Raya Puasa

Well, that means a great time for a family gathering with good food and karaoke~
LOL!! its great to hear my grandfather pick up the mic to sing again almost 3 years after my granny's passing.
and to think that my brother showed he's brotherly side by feeding me with too much of the things i like.

like this braised fish maw... he filled up my plate with nothing else but fish maw ONLY~! harhar!!!

when grandpa was singing, my sister, brother and cousins with their mom(from the left)

grandpa with brother singing 爱拼才会嬴

and finally...my favourite: sister and brother singing 你是我心里的一首歌by王力宏&Selina. CUTE!!

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October 05, 2008

More facebook quiz :p (Part2)

My Type of Handwriting?
normal and neat

you write normal peminship and its neat to kepp writing like that i think thats the best way to write


My Dance Moves?

Ang has the moves of a Hip Hop Dancer.
You are a party lover. You have an attitude, in a good way, and are not afraid to show aggression when needed. You don't care what people think, you have your own style.


What kinda person I'll end up with!?

Youre going to end up with a really cute person :)
You have/had awesome experience with your loved one , and you don't really care about the look , well you probably do want sumone cute ;)


What kinda date am I?

You are mature but still in the prime of your life. You especially cherish your friends, and you're emotionally ready to try out long-term relationships (if you want!). You are experienced (maybe beyond your years!), and people find that very attractive. Your date better be prepared for scintilating conversations coupled with the occasional wild time out!