January 15, 2009


i like dreams.

they are like these little moments which you escaped into a world of your own.
you experience things which may never happen, your most wanted, most feared and sometimes dreams even gives me little dose of surprises.

and this little episode last night was something really special.
LCH. lol someone special but he doesnt know it.
used to call him 'birdman' cos he pisses me off so very often.
im never good enough at anything and well i never really won any spat with him during those years anyway...
until someone wrote something ridiculous on my table that morning.
okay i still find it ridiculous now cos clearly its a prank on me.
but if that prank started from something real and true, i say im really glad.
but damn~ why u never told me sia?!

lol... im thinking of leaving. going somewhere far. like hitting a restart button to start almost everything anew.
and as always, theres the 'would i be missed' thing. its like those morbid questions which i am curious to know. and so i've been thinking of gatherings, meetings with friends and people i missed. Singapore is so darn small but its like people somehow just cant see each other.
ive been to where LCH should be at more than a couple of times. and of these times ive always been at a rather open area. but never meet. damn i dont even know he's there in the first place!

i always have a soft spot for music, get-togethers, fun and laughter.
and this episode was at a little gathering by the pool. food friends and lots of hahas.
and to get to the point, he was there, i dunno y.
he looked like him den (cos he look real different now and i dont really appreciate the new style he's got....oops....) he stood up and sang something familiar, (i lost that song...T.T......) walked round the rectangular table, turned 2 corners and ended up behind me.
for some reason i knew he was coming towards me (its me dream anyway) and i was already hiding my face behind some files ive got with me. i knew i was grinning like Garfield does and well.... he took my hand and sat with me. (thats to damn AA lo!) and before i know it, we are walking in a park or garden with waterfalls, fences with vines, little pathway... (okay flowers dat bloom in de night?! and i know this: huge winds cos its really windy this morning, dats y i can feel the wind....) walking in silent side by side... den the phone ring.....

alamak! my phone ring!!! i wanted to ignore it but.... ha~ still have to come back to real life ma....

anyway... being a fan of romantic events... i am a bit funny when it comes to this.
i think:
walking beside each other in silent
throwing flirts across a packed room while engaging someone else
enjoying the breeze by the sea
giving him absolute freedom, feign blurrness, and knowing that he'll always be back
knowing that he'll remember you, smile when he sees you after years of absence
knowing that i'll remember and think of him

but these never happen... only backstab me nia.
okay very long winded liao...


What my birthday say about me

Haha~ another trival from facebook's many application to fill the pages~
You have great common sense but usually fail to follow through.
This might happens because you are too busy with your mission and shut yourself from the outside world.
You are clever and profound so there's a slight chance for self-control problems.
Your love progress slowly, and quietly.
You seem to be contented with your unrequited love.
You are a romantic and loyal lover.
but it seems quite accurate for a few others which i checked on~ LOL!!