April 29, 2006

picture updating

here are the previous picture of the jigsaw.
and this one right now~
Top: 'Initial D'
Bottom: Rose1



280406. having a thumbdrive makes a difference.

I just arrive at work and to my horror. I realize I’ve been cheated by my watch!
My watch shows time that is 10 minutes late as compared to that of the MRT’s.
No wonder I keep getting confused at work.
And this means that when I thought that I am 5 minutes early, I am in fact 5 minutes late for work!
Siao! No wonder I feel funny everytime Melvin called.

I wonder if the customers from yesterday will come today…

Helped a foreigner this morning on the way to work at Dhoby Ghaut NEL station.
Forgot to ask for name or where he’s from~ but sounds Australian.
Seems that he’s card got problem, cannot get into the NEL station.
Lucky I go help him cos nobody cared to~
Sometimes I just wish Singaporeans have a little bit more initiative and cared to help others a little more not money wise but action wise.
Ahwell~ at least I made someone happy today!

Since there’s no customer at the moment, let talk politics.
This apparently is the first time PAP doesn’t get the overall in charge at the parliament automatically cos not enough seats.
This is something new~
Too bad I cant vote. So no special feeling or incline to chap siao politics anyway.
I live in hougang. And we are split into 3 parts already. And my GRC belongs to Aljunied. Yea far far from me but dunno why I under them also. Sorry lar I don’t have politics mind-set. Still underage I guess haha!
Since the media cannot report anything that’s involved with the opposition party, I shall fill in a little of what I saw last night.

According to my brother, PAP has all they need for a proper election.
Opposition don’t have.
PAP has their nice van decorated with PAP symbol with the clean white flag waving in the wind as they put up their posters on the lamp posts.
And those volunteers are wearing the signature white-tee. Nice right~
The opposition. Normal van , no design and symbol. Volunteers wear normal casual wear. No advertising of themselves at all except the boards.
So saying, so ordinary, so visually quiet.
This morning, on the way to NEL, I saw the posters.
PAP ones are always on top of the opposition party.

One board from the opposition party caught my eye.
“You Have A Choice!”
Think about it… =)
Anyway it is going to be a rather interesting election this time round and I an enjoying being a spectator.

Ahh got customer~ 2 St Nicholas girls shopping before Sports Day this afternoon~

hmm…. 1130 liao~
so fast when you have customers… when is the next one arriving?
Hmm… stupid skin stupid me. Got paper cut again. On top of the previous somemore! Siao liao! Painful sia~ and its bleeding! WAAaaaaa….. sob sob!

You know its interesting when some people can fill their blogs with interesting stuffs without divulging their personal lives. Kinda like the celebrities who hold onto their privacy very tightly and I respect that!
Why is it that I cannot get the attention of readers?
Why cant I deliver something that you want to read?!
Guess my grey shell not that bright afterall~ eheheh

Its only 1145 and I have already written so much!
Oh dear~ sorry arh~ you guys must be tired of reading already!
Okay okay I shall leave this alone until I really cannot tahan then I write ok!

Ahh now that I’m done with lunch, I met with this sister and her little sister from the same school. RVPS. What school is that? Big sister in red tie I presume is a prefect or even a head prefect in school is plain RUDE! Her sister wants to see stickers and I kept my distance when I saw the fear in big sister’s eye to force them to buy or something. And since I kept my distance I prefer some respect as a person.
In bid to bring her sister away from the sticker stall, she kept saying: “那里没有人,没有人在啦!” (theres nobody there…)
Because of that I walked nearer to check out what she really wants and I actually wanted to give her sister some plain stickers for fun. And she repeat even louder tugging at her sister : “没有人,没有人在啦!” all the while glancing at me.
WTH?! You CANNOT see me arh! Please show some respect okay! Or and now I finally see the school name on her sister’s PE-tee.

Its 1840 now. The number 7 on the keypad is officially SPOILT cos the covering of the keypad fell off finally.
I had an enormous order from Ruth, a very nice girl from SingaporeChineseGirlSchool. She took orders from her classmates and got me ten sets of stickers. Without her orders, I would be left with only a miserable 9 orders for today.
Surprisingly the stamp orders today exceeds expectation.
The only down side is the irritating management here expecially this 23 year old female YL. Super irritating keep asking order number and suan you when very little.
Super thick skin and very zuai:拽 as we would put it in Chinese.
One girl quit cos of her~ see the power!
Or I would put it rather inelegantly: 贱嘴巴.

Time for a little exercise: packing the stock and then to dinner. Time 1925.

Ahh dinner of oyster mee sua MMmmm nice~
Then back to work where I meet this teacher again.
He bought original stickers from me. That means no printing at the same price.
Save me work haha~ he bought the S$14.90 one somemore!
Mr Lee from River Valley~ geez~
Ahwell~ its always that handful of students that spoil the reputation of the school even though majority are very much well behaved.
He’s a very nice teacher and well he has two very nice children. A big sister and a small brother~ CUTE! Minus the ugly~ hehheh!

Order number excluding the ten is 15. that makes a grand total of 25 plus 8 self inking stamp orders! WOW! An achievement for myself haha~
Oh yea I fixed the number 7 liao~ haha not bad ehh!
And I’m loving the feeling of possessing a thumb drive. Wow! Save me the trouble of updating blog every night as I can type and save and upload into the blog and publish!
Call me dumb but I believe an Imation 1GB thumb drive at 98 dollars is worth it okay~ time check: 2115

point to note. no customer from yesterday came.

April 28, 2006

a diary written during work

Today is a rather hectic day.
Don’t ask why. Its already 1415 and I have yet to close any sales yet!
My goodness! This must be a really bad day for me.
Hold on I have a customer.

So I sold one set of 9.90… pooh bear it seems and thanks to Ms LiLian Sng.
Its already 1515 and I finally settled down to this again.
Somehow im hooked onto the song by jay chou during he’s concert with landy wen.
Its like that kinda song that has the feeling that I adore.
Bitter Sweet.

Tomorrow hopefully I have another 2 set of plain big rainbow to sell…
Almost confirm situation with a mother who wants to make name tags for the friends of her daughter who will be attending her birthday party.
So sweet…

Ah damn! Im so so bored sia!

Ahh a little break for dinner and there you are~ sales!
I was so bored, tired and plain frustrated. Bad mood.
Now better mood really does bring sales!
Karma I guess…

And so I made five sales from two friends just before dinner and during dinner I made another sticker sales and four stamps!
Wow parents these days not only have to take care of their children but also other’s children!
You know the four stamps are all for her daughter’s friends in school?!
I want to have friends like that too arh!
Gee now im in such a good mood I even bought an Imation 1GB thumb drive at Carrefour so that I can save this entry that I started at the laptop at work.
You see… its not everyday that I do things like that an yearn to have it on the blog for you to read~
Kinda kinky arh~ =P

I was pondering of I should do that wrap for my handphone.
Its getting a little wacky and tattered for my taste.
Maybe I should treat it better and save the money for a laptop and the SLX camera instead of a new handphone when mine is still working fairly well!
Must appreciate all things dead or alive that’s mine.
Did I mention… I really want a car of my own…
I always get that feeling that I am suppose to be walking to the car park everytime Im going out and drive myself to where I want to go.
Its like subconsciously I am already a car owner only that in real life I am still CAR-less.

aHH dry eyes…. Painful sia…

come to think of it. My pay is one of the highest for per hour sales job. Yea its not the 10 dollar per hour but its plausible lar!
Don’t complain! Im grateful and that’s enough.

Decisions decisions decisions….
Too many decisions to make because I don’t have loads of money and space at home for all these!

Ohh its already 9pm~ time to start packing up~
Till next time then! =)

April 25, 2006

an update i was meaning to do on sunday

i realise my blog has been rather boring as usual
my days are rather interesting sometimes...
i had the chance to drop by suntec to work after a long long absence

i like that place better cos the people nicer and more friendly and leaves you ALONE unlike PS.
im missing that sunday already.

i had lunch or rather a lunch+dinner at around 4pm.
had it at the kopitiam opposite 'the rock'.
met this ahpek mr lee steven.
funny first line: do you work at the church here?
"hmm.... im having a lunch and i have that rather starved look on my face. and you ask me if i work for the church.... err.... No leh... sorry~ ahah"
interesting ahpek with children scattered all over the world to start their own family.
interesting thing about him is he can speack almost any language that is rather common.
french, japanese, italian, german, all the dialects expecially cantonese, english and i think chinese too.
and all these from his travels when he was young and probably for business.
it was a delight to be engaged in a conversation that carried on like a breeze and expecially when that someone is a stranger until i was about to leave.
delighted to have you time Mr Lee!
if you ever come across this entry, be assured i'll remember that brief afternoon!

and yes kittygurlz~
hehheh princess stickers and well i dont meet people like you and your friend at PS.
yea... see i poor thing at PS and its boring there with all the business business no friend attitude sia...
maybe i need a longer time to get used to there and the people there to me bah...
haha~ anywayz~ thanks for dropping by ar gurl~
i havent the time cos i SLEEP alot~ haha never enough lar~
oh yea~ i added that pic of the Initial D car i took~ sorry its a little small.
hint: DO THE small JIG SAW LAR~

April 19, 2006

a 160 dollar present for one of the man in my life

i forgot what is it that i wanted to blog.
i guess too much sales part-time job at Carrefour does make you dumb.
or at least thats what i feel...

i can almost feel my brain slumping in the skull from the lack of information to digest and absorb and its almost screaming for a change of location where there's more challenge and people to meet.
i really hope i get to do the NgeeAnnCity job or the expo Book exhibition thingy.
i realise distance is not a problem for me so long i get satisfaction from that location.
very materialistic right?

today i spent what i earned this week for a really early Birthday present
for me brother.
basketball shoes plus shoe bag
2 out of 3 cos i cannot tahan ipod nano anymore liao~
BROKE but satisfied when i see him so delighted.
the silent and rather kept inside kinda delight.
makes me feel rather warm to know that he is delighted.
even change shoelace so that can wear tomorrow.
sometimes the hard work is worth it afterall...
its hard to be a good BIG sister

and a daughter...
good sister maybe but daughter i dont think i am... yet

April 13, 2006

In loving memory...

today is one of those days that got me thinking and mulling over something that i dont even think i know what it is...
33 year old collapse in Queenstown Stadium and died.
yea thats one of my distant-uncles.
its really sad when you know them, nevermind that we are not that close.

today's the funeral and well only young people allowed technically.
grand total of 6 cousins plus me the niece makes 7.
the old had to hide and stay in corners away from the process. bad luck they say. not good for the old.

you hear the heart shattering cries of the mom and the dad in a daze sitting in another corner.
with every choked sniffles she take, you just feel so heartbroken for her. 33 years to this.
your heart simply ache so much you'd think it had already cracked and shatter into pieces.
its so heart wrenching im grateful the parents had to be absent from the whole process up till the last moment where the machine pushes the coffin in.

i felt really miserable, really alone and really helpless.
its a mixture of feeling that i dont know how to describe.
its like im lose for word, i dont know what to say to them.
i dont want to smile but all i can was smile, hoping that my smile can comfort them if not at least lift them up a little.
its been so long since i cried, and this time it was not because of me but for someone else.
and my uncle who was there out of not courtesy but matters of the heart, regardless of the elder cannot be there walked with me at the end and just before he leave said : so this is the end huh...?
that startled and woke me up.

yea...the absolute end.

i was still so happy so blur this morning until i see the coffin.
its like confuse plus blur plus detach.
and i still cannot believe that someone can be so @#?&% to remove the wallet and handphone from a dying man and walk away.
thats precisely why the poor family only heard from the police until 12 that night!

and yesterday was he's birthday... was suppose to be anyway.

the crematorium has been a place that i hated. the place where my loved ones are sent into the flames.
i HATE that and that agonising process that many cannot take.
and i absolutely hate that thing that they carry the coffin around with. gives me goosebumps all the time...YUCK!
fully automated process... you can scream and nobody will hear you... an exhibition process... so commercial.

and since then i still cannot get it out of my system... believe it ornot, im still shaking and i cant eat.

In loving memory of Chan Yong Xiang
12 April 1972 - 11 April 2006.

April 10, 2006

rose of heartbreak

thanks for all that support on the jigsaw
so this time i've choosen a favourite from my personal album taken during a period of heartbreak~ dont ask why~
this was a table decoration during a wedding dinner of a very nice and old neighbour of mine~
9th floor, pharmaceautical graduate. pretty and bright jie jie
i'll attach the original after a while when i have the time to blog again.

i was very busy last week and thus it led to the worsening of my sore throat.
inflammation plus sensitive to the slight haze from the 清明节, asthma led to a series of discomfort and rather irritating days.
cant sing cant eat cant sleep in peace.
the nose leaked, throat hurt and brain fried from the fever as usual.
groggy and rather blur, i still manage to work and function quite normally.
and i still get the very icy hands and feets... hate that.

and so i have another series of schedule to attend to. so my mondays, tuesdays and thurdsays and fridays are fried until next month.
too bad i love money so much im missing alot of things.
i missed Robin the Witch Hunter, and alot of things such as my application and personal admin such as e-mails and this blog.
On last count, i had 98 unread messages.
lucky i got to not miss yan, tatami and selin for long john's sliver.
nice of your to come down~
i need to get my life back somehow. but how?

got the results from last term.
i scored an amazing and rather infrituating 60 plus for Physiology and Physics.

and i got a call from the nice lady at SSA who remembered and called when i was just about to call her.
so it seems that Sports Council missed out my papers and never produced my cartificates...
ahh~ and now my First Aid papers have 'expired' and i have to retake the course... maybe theres a refresher course but i'll have to wait until next month then...

what else....(")

i collected the 30 bucks from TOTO quickpick from late February today and im going to treat myself to something i havent the slightest idea of just yet.
made a new pair of spects finally,
develope a couple more beautiful pictures of my late granny,
hurt my toe so that it bled while closing the BukitPanjang stall,
ate at this nice jap restaurant in a ulu place near Orchard Road for s$30 bucks per adult for a buffet meal of unlimited sashimi and tempura and MMMmmm....,
bought 2 new skirts of which 1 i am loving at the moment.

besides the not so bad days, i am having trouble sleeping lately.
its the kind of feeling that something is causing it and you cant pinpoint where nor catch and put a stop to it. supernatural things i am trying to say lar.
its like im SUAY for a while now since the first night i felt this and i think its changing for the better soon ")
soon is a good thing cos i need that and fast!

until i find something interesting next time.

April 01, 2006

complain time!

today is offically sat cos past midnight
and im here to complain abt thursday.

working as you all know and when i went for a break to the toliet,
i found my pants ripped.
siao! i didnt realise that in the morning, that rip from the cargo was this bad!
so i went back and pretend nothing happen.
cannot tahan so i tell my partner i go see skirt.
go in get one skirt, chop chop try on and BANG boss came.
siao liao! look like i shopping like that, and someone had to call me out of the shop.
freakin pissed of at the bad timing, i rush out with the freakin price tag on!
tried to explain but stupid me, i was taking the dinner time to shop what!! rightful what.
and so i serve customer again.
customer smile at me, girls giggle. now i know why.
he came and left.

stupid day.
bus came late, ripped pants, spent $ on new one and boss came at wrong timing.
what else could go even more wrong?!

took sister to ice skating rink to skate and celebrate christine's birthday.
sister choose a nice lip-stick and gloss(coral blush moisture Xtreme and new 3D transparent from maybelline)
had dim-sum treat from uncle henry while everyone including DaXiao interacted with me sister to her delight!
siao liao~ everyone liked her so much that when she went on the ice and exhibited the usual 'im a scared and timid little girl', uncle henry actually went on ice to teach her!
wa biang
presidential treatment sia!
wear shoe at counter with uncles fussing over the best shoe for her, knee and elbow guard, put on for her summore! wa i also want!
on ice got alot of coaches and uncles and aunties and jiejies fussing over her
come hold my hand, come give you the walker, wa brave girl arh! BERI GOOD~~~
and me, im sitting there alone getting pekchek over the fact that i dont have $$ to skate!
so i slipped out, find ATM and rush back with $$!
and then its my turn to skate~ haha
long time no skate and i still like that feeling on ice besides the iced numb feet.
not bad sia
she can skate alone now and enjoy it~ and she was so dog tired on the way home she slept on the upper deck of the bus after a round of sugared biscuit and water.
lucky i got a spare shirt for her cos bus blardee cold.

now im tired after translating ほたる こい for a very nice friend.
finish clearing e-mails, update blog, visit blogs and wat else.....
i need that sleep.