December 30, 2006

earthquake = down internet..

its been a while since the last tsunami actually hit the shores...
i agree the pain is still there and i am in no position to say 'i understand'

but i cant help but think its time the media stops the tusnami scare everytime an earthquake happens.
you are scaring the old people, including me, and really tsunami is a natural disaster which we can only fend ourselves from.

truthfully, dont you agree with me that we cannot stop it? at least with the technology we have now. the only thing we have on our side is knowledge on how to survive another tsunami.
teach everyone! not only those living in the areas to survive the tsunami, tourist are from everywhere too~
learn from mistakes, act fast and maybe just maybe we can face the next more confidently instead of facing the next as helpless and pale-faced as we have been!

im glad that the only thing affected this time is the internet connection...

its late and the new years coming.... let me do another post to lighten the feeling
Cheers to life and happiness!

December 08, 2006

fish lice attack! I HATE CRABS..

have you ever felt the guilt when you realise you havent been paying attention to anything at all dispite you effort and time spent on everything but yourself?
i've been missing my sleep so much that im sleeping in the bus standing up everyday.

and yet today when i had the rare chance of returning home early, i decided to do some shopping for my family.
a 3 new goldfishes that cost me a huge hole in the pocket, otar especially for my dad, drinks for myself and my family who's been experiencing that increase 'fire' in the body due to various factor. me stress, not enough sleep, not enough water.... blah blah.....

and when im happy with myself, my slippers broke and there goes my only slipper for gai gai..... haiz....
after dinner, i found fish lice on the goldfishes and started the @#@%$!
@$^%">%!@$^% process of removing the lice by hand and squashing them dead after which the poor fishes had to be quarantined..... im so upset.... stupid ectoparasite!!!
Arthropoda Crustacea Maxillopoda Branchiura Arguloida Argulidae Argulus japonicus
these lice have a worldwide distribution. STUPID CRABS!

and my memory was in such a bad shape, you've never seen me so unfocus before... i cant even follow a conversation properely. i can stand and sleep and "TIMBER!!!" almost fall....
how?! i need help.... desperately


December 04, 2006

a day to remember (until somethin better comes along)

today is a very busy day for me
expecially when i do not have the time to rest at all on saturday...

JLPT3 im taking it the second time and it doesnt feel as good as i expected but ahwell~ i didnt have the time to do any revision plus im really sleepy today...
i dont really have expectation anymore.
plus whenever i feel good abt an exam it turns out sucky.
when im depressed, it usually turns out beri good.
so tell me this heck-care attitude means??
BUT at least the remen i had for lunch with good company is really something to remember.
come to think of it, we didnt take any pic to remember today by!... aww shucks!

funfair. the place i go to and prepare to slave myself away for the sake of others.
i cant say its bad but its definitely a workout to remember.

Patrick's wedding.
cool wedding and my second in a row within 2 months.
not alot you might feel but for a new 21 year-old its really aLOT.
beautiful wedding, beautiful night.

im tired now so i'll just retreat to my lonely bed and waste the night away....

good night everyone~