June 25, 2005


after concert it was just the usual hanging out at the nearest mac in this case one near raffles place MRT.

well i figure that this is a case of not wanting to separate from each other in such a short time frame after the concert. so we ate talk crap laugh sing made myself look silly blah blah and left at say 11pm....

took a train to orchard and walked pass a pub? where the performer asked for a female volunteer to sing with them for the next song.... damn i wanted so much since the performer feelinf hasent wear off yet haha... met my family at the chatterbox at mandrin hotel. had the nice hainanese chicken rice and went home to slack.

took a bath, pack everything, talk with my bro who's more interested in the flowers and chocolates and fall asleep when he left me alone to concentrate on his Xbox which i was watching till i fall asleep at around 3 plus coming to 4am.

well its the usual BIG thankiews to everyone and well its really nice to perform and take the stage as CONSONANCE.
thanks to all of you who turned up. i loved the flowers and the ohh so yummy chocolate!!!
love you all! muack!

notes to keep for the fun of it...
~im le tired ( im tired)
~ben mie la gaji ( ben is tired)

June 24, 2005

a little note to all

consonance & vox humana present
friday, 24th June 2005
victoria concert hall
tickets at $12 (free seating)

directed by
benedict goh & gregory chen
featuring choral works by
chen yi
cesar franck
alberto grau
zoltan kodaly
jonathan larson
leong yoon pin
jennifer leong
anotonio lotti
wolfgang amadeus mozart
john rutter
luduvico da viadana

fu deqiang 9824 7012
benedict goh 9817 7689

June 22, 2005

My Daddy

well i stumble on the much talked about blog of Mr.Brown

and yea its the kinda blog that is magical in the fact that can actually get somebody like me who dont read blog like a story book stuck on one blog after another.
Now i can see why its asia's blog of the year or something.
Simple hard truth put out sometimes in the most subtle aspect possible, wonder how he does that

i might not be the average blog reading fan but yea maybe Mr.Brown has to be credited for his literacy skill (sorry my ang mo really cannot make it)
the father's day issue inspired me to actually pen down something about my dad that is well sensitive.

i've always been such a person who is overprotective of my family members.
im not exactly biase but its the character and attitude that i face each of them that make them unique to me.

my dad has always been really hard to understand.
he was like really naggy and sometime a lil crazy getting upset at something that all of us simply have no idea about.
then he'll get everyone tense and ready to burst because we simply dont know what is it that he's angry about.
i know he like the color blue and green,
wants to drive a luxury car like mercedes,
wants to study and get at least a degree for the fun of it(or more like fulfill a dream),
wants to retire and enjoy life,
wants a big loving and warm family,
and us all happy well and healthy.
hes terribly overly safety consious, a lil too public shy, a lil too health concious(cos he need to stay healthy to take care of us)
and well sometimes he decides to like behave a lil out of the ordinary.
but somehow performs better than expected all the time when the time calls for that.
what would i do without him?
i would have been like cheated and like not get things done properely and asked the critical questions that he knew are important.

like recently, i did so horridly for the A Levels that well none of the local university wanted me.
im the midst of shock and outmost anger+upset i had to dream what i dreaded most.
the death of my family member, this time dad.
it was really horrible and yea i was shaking throughout the day...
and that morning, i saw him out to work.
of anything at all he had to comfort me while rushing out to work and assuring me that things always have a way out no matter the impossiblity of the situation.
well being a lil melodramatic myself i moved myself to tears.
its like a touching song that plays thoughout the day that makes you cry and cry.
where on earth can you find another dad soo darling?
who can show you the same if not more care and concern when you fail them so badly?
so at MDIS he helped me and asked alot of critical questions that never even pass my mind.
besides that he decides to continue to pay for my education fees... aww...
its so darling of him although he dosent how anything
he's actions reveal everything as always...

Thanks Dad
Sorry for being such a stubborn, stupid bother...

June 17, 2005

You Have A- Type

You Have A Type
You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.
When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back
Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds
well ya this is what the test says but then..... it dosent feel true at all leh hahhah.... anyway if this were true, i wouldn't be what i am now see~.... anyway this feels like im reaching back to myself again... watever

June 10, 2005

Life science? nursing? teaching?

well.... i guess its time to come clean...
time to face it all....
after the trauma of reject from both NUS and NTU... haiz...

i went to MDIS... had a small meeting with the representative for Life Science( abu hanifah) and well decided to take it.
since my results are not good at all... i had to take a Foundation Certificate in Biomedical Science first before going into the degrees...
okay then and well maybe its a nice thing cos they are moving to a new campus in queenstown this year anyway...
ohh i forgot, the cert is from a university known as the University of Bradford in UK.
its 3rd for bioscience in UK so well it might be okay afterall....

or maybe i should go for nursing next year as an operation assistance?
well its kinda fun in a way cos i want to be in places like this all my life anyway...
but then everyone's telling me that i should take up nursing in Australia instead of Singapore...

or should i just go full fledge teaching swimming after i finish my attachments?
well i was hoping that NTU will at least accept me for the fact that i want to teach and see it as a possible form of employment, with the fact that im teaching swimming already...
but alas haha its my fault anyway what to do....

but then there's always alternatives... maybe i'll just go work in the casino with the knowledge of japanese and french... haha
or maybe a tour guide....

dont worry, even if im really in the dumps i'll find a way out as usual, haiz.... kinda tiring but what to do!
those people disappear when you approach them as usual... where are the people that i can and want to turn to when i look for you?! dont give me that unnocent face! you know who you are!!!ah forget it!
unexpected people do pop out occasionally anyway... thanks to you guys and you know who you are! most of all my daddy... thanks for the comfort and assurance.... love you.