September 25, 2007


this is what i lack and i just saw it on my desk.

" the true test of character is not how much we know how to do,
but how we behave when we dont know what to do."
~John Holt~
ahh.... wise man talking...i kinda like that
impromptu. my kinda thing.

belated update.

its been a long while...
i feel like i've forgotten how to write anymore.

nothing interesting happening yet.
the most exciting's got to be FACETS at Esplanade Recital Studio a while ago i reckon.
it was fun~ and im glad some of my friends went to support me~ Thanks gals!

and so its back to the old routine of work school home.
okay so i jazz it up a little with work swim school home.
but its still boring.

and so it wasnt boring when someone tried to spice up my life a little.
i am surprised myself that that pervert chose to sit by me and do his thang..
and so i complained to our dear nurse,
probably shocked him a lil bit, he got Yiyi.
Yiyi SMSed me, calm me down alot.
Yiyi's hp died, i called mom.
Mom gave permission to get my fav drink from my fav kopitiam.
the drink soothed me.
Called nurse to complain...needed to hear familiar voice.
cant eat dinner, nightmare, wake up....time for work.
just in case, girls, that's from 147 and he alighted near Bowen Sec.

MidAutumn Festival tomorrow, okay i missed it. Today.
havent eaten mooncake yet. havent.
havent shop for my boss's also.
patient gave me some, i shared them, okay gave, with the cute nurses.
i hope there's some that i can bring to class to share in the evening.
oh yea... i saved the Ferrero Rocher for class already. gotta remember diff races and religion.
i miss my grandma...i miss her cooking, her presence, especially during festivals like these.
her garden, the smell of dew, the frog croaking, the moon, her company.
okay im depressed.

last count 4 confirmed no 5 confirmed weddings coming up.
sure to lose weight.
cos no $ for lunch.
cos have to give AngPaos.
cos have to scout for something to wear.
cos everyone wants to lose weight and of all people, with me.
cos everyone knows that i'm under orders from MY BOSS to lose weight.
cos everyone wants to look pretty, and yes i do too.
although i dont really care, i still do. im just lazy to do anything.
the character test thingy's really something.
it said i'll only dress up for my someone, and if that's gone, i'll just revert to my shabby,heckcare style of fashion disaster.
im glad i havent backtracked all the way to the most ancient and original ahNgee style.
frankly, even i find it startling now. LOL

oh i missed out an accident which i am rather shamelessly PROUD of.
I FALL. from the upper deck of 153 all the way, braking just in time before the exit.
2 HUGE bruises, a broken heel, and a shocked busCaptain.
its a miracle! too bad nobody got to share the shock with me besides that poor old busCaptain.
too bad for me cos i LURVE those heels... and thankfully, i didnt sprain any ankle or back this time.
im already in such a bad shape, i can hear the doctors calling out to me, my bones begging me.
you know la.

complains sure i have ALOT.
and on top of the list is:
as usual MEN.
alamak! im still under the radar la.... damnit.
as usual, my many JieJie s' out there blame the usual culprits.
Lazy, No-Confidence, Always Insecure, Always Act-Stupid to put people OFF and the list goes on and on and on and on and on......
okay.... so i refuse to grow up.
i want to be super childish, super stubborn, super lazy.........
i got courage lor~ this one confirm will have someone agree with me. CONFIRM. hehheh

someone ask me to list down what i want to find in ma man...
seriously i havent think of this at all.
its all the cliche things like character most important crap.
so i compiled a list of my BIMBO wants! with the help of a couple of crazy gal friends...
but.... i lost that list somewhere at the back of my brain.... hurhur~
B.I.M...... bimbo dunno how to spell~
aiya~ im not those 'u fit the bill' thinking kinda person.
so dont ask me why. cos its many many things good and bad together that helps me like u.
im someone who dont like routine. i love surprises. not SURPRISE!! but something new, something different. something less routine like.

okay nevermind... its late and im not making sense... even to myself.
better get some sleep soon, many MSNer screaming at me to go sleep alrdy...
ciao.. till next time when i let my brain matter spill...