January 15, 2008

at least i can say i missed you

I took a walk home tonight.
It was cool, windy, quiet, dark... at the just-right concoction from nature.
I have alot to think about. but my brain refuse to get in gear.
So i walked enjoying my own company all the way home..

I savoured the whole experience, like a hungry child, relishing that i am still me since 1985
Pondering when will I walk home with someone else's company.
Pondering what is my brother doing in camp now...
Pondering if anyone out there is thinking of me at this moment, or at all today.
did anyone missed me? did I cross anyone's thoughts at all?
Pondering what will happen at this time next year...
will i walk down the same road? will i have any improvement at all?
what will i be at this time next year?

And so i reached home, relaxed and calm.
his feels so eerily foreign, its scary..
ohh time to sleep le...
damn cannot... i havent finish the soup mom left for me..

take care guys and gals
at least i can say i missed ya and yes you did cross my thoughts today.