September 26, 2006

isnt it interesting that there's someone out there
out there with similar creativity as you and the difference is one letter.

A becomes E

my Distant distant cousin maybe? or a long lost twin?

September 17, 2006


and a couple of sorries....

a logo for consonance i did a long long time ago... my pleasure for sharing with all of you ;)
The concert was fun and im sure we've created yet another set of memories to go along with us down the many years we will share
we've created something out of almost nothing and see where we are today
the concert might have been celebrated and over
and we are left tired and worn out
but the excitement and thrill stays on for a few more days
im sure we will still be talking and screaming at the little details during the debriefing to come
im thankful for the meeting with all of you
being probably the youngest and rather unpolished member in this choir
(ive only started singing 4 years ago! really!)
thanks for bearing with my nonsenses and perhaps a couple of SIAO SIAO episodes
thanks for allowing me to sing along you
thanks for sharing these moments with me
thanks for all the times you gave me help unconditionally
thanks for all the time you've shared the laughters with me
thank you so so very beri much
yes there were ups and downs and really this must have been some kind of roller coaster ride
now that we've finished yet another beautiful chapter
its time to open yet another page and start another wonderful and exciting chapter together
i can wait to sing again with all of you
i can still feel the goosebumps
i can still hear the chords lingering in the empty hall
until next time...
sorry to my friends whom i suspect didnt receive my reminder SMS as sccording to a couple who complain didnt receive my reminder SMS... i wonder why...
im so sorry dear ms G you know who you are... i dont know how to reply your SMS after the concert thats why im saying this now...
i seriously hope i didnt screw up so much so that many missed the concert...
i hope i didnt screw up at work and school too...
i know i wasnt in a good shape and may have blundered.
i can hope i didnt and possibly make up well enough for them...

September 14, 2006


.....removed for the moment.....

I dont know if im doing the right thing placing this on the blog for all to see.
personally i got a shock when i saw this video and trust me we are better than that already.
much much better and more class... but at least you can see the sweat we shed during the practices...

so family and friends and anyone in Singapore who can make it to this concert.
please come and support us for this very special evening for the singers at Consonance.

September 10, 2006

my glass necklace...

i broke my beloved necklace this morning.
i was getting out of bed, stretching and then i heard the sickening crash.
a soft and gentle 'crash' that took my necklace from me...

maybe it sacrificed itself to shield and reduce the damage of something catastrophic in the future for me.
maybe something was there and it sacrificed itself so that i wont get hurt.
i dont feel happy and my mood sucks...
Life really is a joke sometimes.

my room is so messy i want to give up.
my concert is happening is less than 6 days and i dont feel up to it.
something is missing somewhere... and i cant put a finger to what it is.

September 04, 2006


SQYF: Singapore Quan Youth Federation.

a group of youth ranging from a quite wide range of ages and profession.
a group of youth trying to make sense where their roots are really from.
a group of youth making friends from all over the world with the same interest in OUR roots.
a group of youth realising that the world is indeed small and our forefathers may have been the best of friends as we are now.
China is an interesting place when you've seen what i saw...