February 25, 2006

lets starve the darn devil!

"yup the devil indeed~
got nothing to do but hurt the precious heart.
but we must be strong for he feeds on the negative feelings!
lets starve the darn devil!"

well theres another tag that i left on vicki's board just 5 minutes ago...
somehow i liked it so much i just had to put it here in my blog..

you see most of my friends are devoted christians as well as catholics (pardon the spelling)
and well i being a free one and standing in the middle... i have thoughts that's right in the middle.
yes im very superstitous if you are wondering and at the moment i just want to be where i am
i will choose a side when the time comes. maybe not. i'll just leave it to time.
anyway its like everyones hurting each other and they always blame the devil...

"Angels and Demons can't cross over into our plane.
So, instead we get what I call half-breeds.
The influence peddlers.
They can only whisper in our ears.
A single word can give you courage,
or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare

Those with the demon's touch and those part angel, living alongside us.
They call it the balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit."

yes i believe theres the devil so that theres the balance to god.
but somehow i like then way the movie Constantine depicts it.

" What if I told you that God and the devil made a wager,
a kind of standing bet for the souls of all mankind?"

but then theres us. we can choose not to break but rise from it.
okay this is a little hard so we turn to Harry Potter
rise from the ashes.
hint: phoenix (a Greek mythical bird that burns into flames).
how about that. easier?
you cry and break and wail and do whatever to repair.
grab my shoulder scream at me if it makes you feel better.
and come back to me, all fresh and ready to shine again.

"Happiness can be found,
even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light."

its hard i know thats why i'll be there! this is what i am here for!
if you dont make use of me and the friendship to pull the shattered you back together again.
what else can? sometimes things cannot be solved by hugging your mom aint it?
someone not related in the name of blood to you might be that answer sometimes aint it?
sometimes a friend is just that someone you need.
someone to just listen, sit by you,
and get you that drink when you are thirsty from all that tears and whispering.
let me be that angel for once. an angel that cant fly, really! (too heavy la)

and please dont be shy and paiseh!
what waste my time, feel bad making me sad also~ all those are crap yea?!
if you dont waste my time by letting me do something that i feel is worth it
i'll be wasting it in front of the TV or sleep myself to death... yes im that lazy.

February 20, 2006

ICs, Stars and TOFU car

last saturday there was no choir practice to my surprise~
ahwell~ i was suppose to bring my scores for them to review anyway but then forgot lar~
last week was interesting cos its the suppose study week but we were all rushing assignments anyway.
waste time.
and a notice to my fellow FUBDO 0505A mates~
im sorrie that i will not be going for the next course with you guys as much as i would like to.
im view of the school system as well as their rules and regulation which i dont really like,
plus my stubborness in taking the risk and apply for local U... i decided to risk it and well we'll see lar...

then i went and spent a blardee $60/- on the new IC with interview from a delightful lady who symphatise with me. nice malay lady by the way~ chantik~!
took new photo and thumb print... everything new... wait 1 month and collect...
waste time waste money...
dont let me see you you blardee thief~! i'll tear you into pieces!

nice lunch with mother~
nice weather to get her outta the house and into the familar places she spent a long time ago...
too bad no time for shopping~ i know she like it lar~ haha

then dad very stress after work~ sianded... high blood pressure coming up again.

blarder got 12 points~ 1 less then me~ but then he clever mah~
whatever lar, he sure do better than me in A level one. confirm plus chop!

sister sick arh! viral attack so too bad no antiboitics for you.
no cookies and nice nice junk food for you too~ buahahahahaha sister eat all for you!
oops fat fat fat fat liao~ hahaha

last sat got charity dinner.
saw bryan wong 2 inches from my eye. not bad looking ehh~ haha
had o be impress with he's skill once on the stage with the mic anyway other than the quite lame jokes sometimes.
but the tongue skill realli good arh~ at least better than me~ haha
wa biang he's skin flawless lor~ no pimple arh~ smooth like baby backside~ HA!

ahwell its not like its the first time i saw people like them and not notice who they are.
taufik open door for me, help carry water for choir
sharon aw bang shoulder with me cos too crowded then smile smile sorrie sorrie~
JJ at funan shopping centre, stare at him and he smile back for almost 2 hours then realise who he is~ haiz... these are the few relatively recent thingy lar~ and im still as blur as usual. diaoz...

then after that dinner, i saw the tofu car~
need i say more...

to the owner: dont catch me hor~ i admire your car lar~