April 28, 2008


my life's been really boring....
even worse... i have no life.
if i have time at home, its check email, check solerworld, check facebook, get inspiration for blog, and hopefully blog something.
notice i dont even have the slightest energy to even update my fav blog?
utouchedmyheart.... where are YOU?!

okay so there was a Chelsea vs Manchester United (2:1) on saturday at Alps Cafe and 'rochor tau huay' after that.
BUT that was it! finito!
dinner with my parents not counted la.... :p

at least i have 1 in line, i hope... fish head steamboat with my steamboat khaki~ u gers know who u are la hor..
and hopefully before that i'll get to go out with my classmates for some 'after-happy' hour fun after school on wednesday. c'mon la~ its a Public Holiday after that~!!!
and there's this pub i want to check out for ages le.... anyone want to volunteer company~
Actors the Musical Bar: 13A South Bridge Road. i know how to get there and the parking lots~!!
i scout around before alrdy~ haha.....

ah bor~ movie i also can la~
makan session also can la~ Rashikin~ how is the makan session?? lol!
or we can go to the seaside also~ haha....
or go out, drink, listen to band, relac one corner also can~

ahNgee really haiz.... need a life besides the books and my jobs.
hello fwends~ i need U now... realli la~ (^.^)

April 24, 2008

i want to be in.........again(at least i dare to dream)

i dunno what happen to me... im so tired but i cant sleep..
its already 1am plus and im still awake.
decided to pen in here...

the bus's EzLink thingy broke down the day before. earn free ride to school
BUT today.. realise EzLink card left -2.50 oops... haha

Finally got to drink my fav mocha in class~
jac today stress, she actually drank my coffee... something out of the norm~
snacked on her homemade 'heibi spring rolls', ate my boss's breakfast for dinner (not bad tasting at all~!), took taxi ride for $10, hitched a ride(to my surprise~:p), and wore a shoe for the 2nd time since CNY.

leg pain sia~ eye tired sia~ brain gone for holiday already.
im still thinking of learning guitar~ i want to be able to jam with SOLER one of these days... hopefully~ but then no time leh........ how to learn?
i've sort of given up trying to lose weight... i'll let it come to me slowly~ LOL
i want to have fish-head steamboat with pig and kitty soon~ its been a while!
i want to meet jon to collect my Pharmacology Textbook~ and maybe meet the peeps for makan or something~ how about a drink? jon u organise la~
i want to go on a holiday by the sea... anyone can organise a day at the seaside?? please???
i want to go choir again~ i miss hitting all the damn high notes!
i want to drive... no $$ how??
i want to drink, listen to u talk and stay out late~ who free? jio leh~
i want to watch movie.... alamak what was the last movie? before CNY ar~
i want to be top student, but i lost that drive....
i want to be a useful person... im still not there yet.
i want to be financially independent (that means to be self sufficient with income flowing and not having to work cos its all from the clever investments which i invested in)
i want to go OT again~ its been a while.
i want to be a nurse~ as forever, or better still medical student~ buahahah
i want to go over and compelte my year there (although i think im chickening out.... lol~) anyone interested? i need company definitely! i love company~
i want to be in love again.... i've lost that feeling again... damn... there goes my high 'feel-good-hormone' count! NO~
i want to be a superstar! everyone worship me~ haha..... i know, im dreaming already....

time to log off.... got class tomorrow after work. Xiao.......
Good Nitez~ Sleepz tight~
dream sweet, nice, things~ (^.^)

April 22, 2008

More than Words - Sungha Jung

courtesy of RoNniE from SOLERWORLD, she showcased this 12 year old boy.
playing what else but one of my favourites More than Words. and seriously for a 12 year old, hes really good...
come to think about it.... what the hell was i doing at 12 years old?? mugging for PSLE?! CRAP!!

so guys and gers~ sit back and relac~ close your eyes, smell the kopi, savour the aircon and enjoy he's performance.

12 year old with he's guitar and nothing else... Sungha Jung

April 13, 2008

5 Hours of Narcissism

Most people by now should know my love for singing isnt that shallow~
and i just prove to myself again how crazy i can be sometimes, especially when the adults are not there to stop me~!!

5 hours @ KBox Hougang from 7pm to 12midnight alone without dinner~
lol~ i would have stayed till 3am if i didnt have to work the next morning~

i probable sung 50 over songs that night.
songs which i wouldnt have sung in public, songs which i wouldnt dare to attempt unless i am confortable with the crowd. songs which are just such a bore to most people, and songs by Soler~
lol~! most would roll their eyes so hard it might just kenna stuck at the back if they were in there with me that night~

i should do this more often~ :p

April 06, 2008

rule 16: 不可用筷子tok tok tok...

lol~ we had a really late lunch after all that festivities.
Y? cos we overrun alot of events and we were so damn behind time...
well... maybe because my granddad's really getting old, my grandaunty cannot take such events as much as she would love to alrdy... age really is catching on.
all the dizzy spells, shakey legs, stressful environment is really bad for their health. even for a day....

and so we had lunch.
lunch at this restaurant in telok ayer.
lunch was good, because the company, well most, is good.
and we saw this thing on the wall... internal joke...

rule 16: 不可用筷子tok tok tok...

anyway, something to share.
read what it says, its interesting to know trivals like this.

and DQ. paiseh ar~ today really overrun...
sry la~ next time k~ (^.^)


April 03, 2008

post-exam blues..ahChoo~!

of all days today....
complain is a must!

how can i start today with a headache, dry throat and shakey limbs?!
ahh~ didnt go out after exams anyway.
except lunch with moon and jac at holland V for something quite light enough for the patient a.k.a. moi (sry la jiejie~ today not in the mood for gaigai la~....... and trust me its got NOTHING to do with man or men today. no uncles. :p)

im so sick now.
runny nose, sore throat and ache
all over..
i thought it was the alcohol.
nope. its official.
even beer with salt didnt work anymore.
its too late by the time i tried that to salvage the situation.
now its sleep and hopefully, i'll be well enough for work.
otherwise.... i think my boss will faint alrdy~ keke~ :p

dont feel like talking, eating, moving.
wouldnt it be so nice if someone turns up with a huge box of tissue just for u at this moment?
haha~ at least my dad gave me liang cha(horrible tasting trust me) and my mom gave me gui ling gao(better than liang cha :p) and my sister gave me the bin for the tissues~
ahh..... all except my brother. he's super sunny and honestly, he's jeering at me did cheer me up at least a little (^.^)

okay... complain liao.
feel better liao~ but not enough la... :s
back to bed.... sniff..... (>.<)

p/s: to the old man & the sicko who lives near me.
if u happen to read this by any chance... 现在。。。我比较喜欢吸。
too lazy to grab tissue sometimes~ haha!!