March 17, 2009


another exam period akan datang!
shyt la..... i must have lost the damn steam sia....
i dont have the mood to study, to do the essays nor the presentations liao leh....

biang ar.... how sia?!

all i have in mind is how to relac one corner
strum the guitar just to make some noise to fill the silent
keep listening over and over again to jason mraz's Lucky
and what else?? cook for the fun of it and torture my family to finish the dinner after that!

anyways ive picked up an old habit: reading
again yes...
like the advertisement from adidas i think: something about you've cheated on it once or twice but running always takes you back..
its the same with reading lo....
and what more to start wiith a fav author: James Patterson
and ha~ "1st to DIE" from Women's Murder Club

i dont really remember what i read and who the authors are
so for he's name to come up at the library that day
just when i was toying with the idea of reading again~
what can i say? its a good one to start with... next one: second chance