June 22, 2014

When you are too lazy to blog...

but there's so much running in the brain, and you want so much to remember and pen it down somewhere...

it started when I was reading some posts from friends who love reading each other's blog and some that are just poetic beings with pretty pictures and flowing words.
it started when I had a more-busy-than-usual life for a while. I guess the people you meet, the things you do, the memories that you make with them are what itches me to blog.

I do not keep a diary, unlike my boss who still does. it was a moment of revelation when I was asked to do this mid to long term planning in the format of a temple (forgot its name) during one of the training session and it struck me that there are so many things waiting for me and I let it slip because I procrastinate chronically. there are so many things running through my mind and I cannot wrap my head around them because I did not pen them down. seems like the mind needs to see visuals sometimes to make it work.

right back to main reason i decided to sit down and blog today.

the day where I had planned to sent Stiney off on her new journey in Kiwiland.
I remembered how it felt for me when I had friends there to send me off as well. being the socially awkward me, it was really nice and touching to see them there.
of all days, Uncle C had to arrange a minuscule gathering which I felt complied to attend because he's an important friend and a difficult person to book (an appointment with).

So I accepted the gathering and prepared them that I will be LATE. very late.

at 530pm, I left office in a rush. scramble for taxi in my black overall (because its the 2nd day of period and it was not a fun day to have a busy schedule...) glad that Stiney's flight was delayed 

610pm, I reached the airport. could be earlier but the cab driver was so slow.... Stine left for T3 (I think) so I took the change to freshen up and see if I can grab a card to write something for her because I hate saying goodbyes.

630pm, Stiney came back to T1, and I met her and her entourage at the departure gate. Took an un-glam picture with her (I mean me as the totally un-glam one). a few more for her family and off she goes.

655pm, Stiney disappear among the crowd and I part with her family at the airport. I headed for T3 to grab the train and texted Uncle C's group chat that I am leaving the airport now. I barely reached the tram for T3 when I saw the message I thought I'd never see. Mr A offered to pick me up on his way to the same gathering. omg omg omg I am hyperventilating. am I blushing of smiling like a druggie? why are the people around me judging?! dont judge okay? I've been dreaming of this for a while already hor!

703pm, I reached T3. accepted the offer in the Tram and smiled like an idiot. waking up to realise oh.... I should tell him where I am right? T3 Departure Row 8 ok? and his reply: ok. I am over the moon. how I start debating with myself, wait inside? wait outside, how long is he gonna take? cos I know Ubi is not exactly on the way and I dont want him to wait for me at the drop off point.

708pm, I went to the washroom deciding he will need at least 15min to get here. freshen up again (for what I dont know.... maybe to smell nicer and look more human) tried to tame the hair and lip-stick (although men say they dont notice such things,I do it anyway cos I am vain) sat back at the benches in the airport and started staring at whatsapp, reading the flurry of messages before Stine disappear into the sky.

the evening when waiting was a sweet sweet thing to do.
715pm, Reaching in 1 min. omg I didnt see this come in?! *jumped off the seat and ran outside* no car?! oh crap! did I miss him? checks whatsapp. ah CHEY! its not even pass 1 min after he sent it. now I panic. I dont remember what car he drove, what if more than 1 car appear and i went to the wrong one?

soon he arrives, oh black car, I remember that. heart flutters.
car zooms in, I get in, nice air-con, thank goodness, cos it was hot outside.
I try to slip in as smoothly as possible, say hi as not-awkward as possible.
hmm... the car looks unfamiliar. changed car already? oh same car, until 2016. right. gotta remember this.

Had to remind myself not to stare. but he looks so charming in the white long sleeved shirt so comfortable in his driver seat. if only his mine. haha he's wearing white shirt again......
I felt so comfortable beside him, I felt sleepy, thank goodness for the too cold aircon I manage to stay awake. 
chit chat was really nice on the way there and i had to slap myself when we were entering the carpark. i cant take the cold and asked him if he likes the cold? ALAMAK gurl wat u sayin?! 5 more min only!!!!! complain? u are stupiak or what? sigh....

Dinner was nice, Ms J was as cute as ever and dancing again, Uncle C daddy date around mid July, lucky we met now. drinks with the 2 boys after that and we went home in different directions. on the bus home, i was still dreaming about the ride from the airport. such fuzzy feeling inside. 

its been what? almost 8 years and I am so not over him yet.
he just makes me fall deeper when I thought I climbed out of it. 
I am so rubbish at this.
I am still feeling the high from the ride. let me stay here for a little while more....

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