May 28, 2006

pain pain OWWWWWie

what do you make of a week like this.

sprain ankle. problem with mistaken identity due to stubborn security guard(sabo me and put words into my mouth). and then sprain back.

SIAO!!! pain okay! the back really OMFFFFffffff........... pain pain ar.
i buay tahan this afternoon so finally went to see the same sensei and well its much better now.
at least i can bend down a little now unlike the whole morning until 1745hrs when i was in perfect posture straight all the way.
i could pratically cry when he force the back 2 ways although the crack i heard means alot of $^%(*$#&(@!!! pain, it also means relieve after the sweeping pain.

no cold drink or tea for me until i get better and speaking of which.... no late nights too... gotta sleep liao~
oh dear i got to work tomorrow somemore!! T.T i dont feel up to that....
we'll see tomorrow then.

and today 4 pm was suppose to be the first vocal training but Stanley was taken ill and its got to be postponed.
i wonder if im doing the right thing but ahwell~
as the sensei say.
no pain no gain(relieve)

yea yea laugh all you want~haha!

May 23, 2006

sunrise at coller quay

i was doing volunteer work on Vesak Day for the unfortunate people of Singapore.
and it was a nice day to begin with.
a Beautiful Sunrise at Coller Quay....

Discovery Studio の 自恋传

so i finally stop procrastinating and went into the studio like a cockroach that lost its head.
or rather on impulse and nothing else.

so i spent an amount that i thought was resonable on the fact that the stuffs that they have to spend on me isnt cheap in the first place and well its a price to pay the professionals when you are torturing their ears to fine tune your songs and the tedious editing process.

i went in and did the 蔡依林: 说爱你 as i had decided donkey ages ago.
although i thought i sounded terrible he said it's good enough for a first timer.
phew. but then he gave me advice like sound happier, bouncier and stuffs.
i think i at least nailed it at the corner for the last recording.
a last listen to the rough track and i thought it was good enough~

then i was hooked! its like i cant explain it.
the way i hear myself and then some rough editing and dubb with music.
it was magical and i just had to do another song.
i was given a fiver to rest and sing another. i thought the mic was off so i was there happily singing the songs they have until i reach these 2 songs that i know how to sing roughly 80% and suddenly the earphone came alive.
the sound engineer was asking me if i wanted to take this sone 顺子: 写一首歌.
which is exactly what i was deciding between. i was trying to figure which one did i sound better in and he just said why not this one...
WOW~ he was listening to me all the time and OOps.... to malu sia!!
but anyway i liked this song what and he's really nice~ let me rehearse again and again try after try~ so paiseh leh~
but after the last run he was talking to his friend and i heard wonderful run and a thumbs up to me.
wa you couldnt understand the relieve i felt man! its like i was thinking "siao liao! destroy it again! sorry sorry sorry" and he said "no no no its good~"
now i have 3 more songs to do and well i'll go down again later to do the songs and maybe get to hear the fully edited version of that 2 songs.

you know something...
i dont really like my singing voice but i just realise while talking on the phone that i like my talking voice. you know the kind of muffled and over-the-phone voice of yourself.
hurhur~ ZI LIAN hor??

when i was walking out i realise why he said im good enough for a noob.
the track he was editing was like ............. haha dont say lar

May 20, 2006

local university

funny how it seems that universities are vying for students that are from somewhere far from their locations.

yes its happening and its not a surprise.
NTU and NUS rejected me again.
so its back to appealing.

May 19, 2006

18.05.04 1927hrs.

18.05.04 1927hrs.
I started work today at 4 because a certain someone has lessons at night and had to leave by then.
Guess what~ he didn’t even come for work today.
I was shocked when I arrive at work and well I thought its my fault but after checking with manager, yup I’m not in any wrong. Phew!
Anyway I finished stock facing and arrangement and just had my dinner of what else other than Swiss Cheese Pork in a roll with mustard and sauerkraut.
Lucky I had a couple of orders right after I arrive and I have a grand total of 4 only. Better than zero aint it?
Today I woke at 10. Early for a day when I’m not working or working late.
Went to Sistics to get tickets for arts fest and a couple more shows. Total up to a frightening 380.40 dollars.
I think the bulk came from the tickets to CABARET which cost me about 1 week worth of working hours. But my aunty Panda deserve it lar~ she’s been working like nobody’s business just to keep herself afloat. Moreover she took care of me for the past few arts festivals and well a lot of those tickets she bought and never took a cent from me for them.
Its time I do something for her lar.

And geri if you are reading this by any chance at all…
I have a tour to china from the 12 to the 19 tentatively and well my parents are still negative about the Japan trip. I appreciate the gesture very very much but I think its better for me to postpone this trip for now okay?~
We’ll do something else in place of this them yea? Something in Singapore something fun.:) I really appreciate and well yea got anything just call lar. I’m quite free if I make myself free at the moment. Flexible working hours and shifts lar~

I want to go home. I want to go home. I want to go home…
I’m tired and I don’t have any sales besides the 4 until now….
And that darn Ronny is right behind me talking on the phone non stop! *@^)($^P(!*U#E)!

When will 930 come?!
I want to go home~~!
Yesh yesh!!! My watch says 2110 already and I don’t care im keeping the stuffs slowly so that I can finish by 2130. buahahaha home finally!!! Yesh I miss home so so much

May 18, 2006

17.05.06 1122hrs

17.05.06 1122hrs
I didn’t mean to not update for so long and suddenly…there you go there are a couple to read through. ;)
i finally settled the standard first aid thingy and well since my previous one has expired, I had to go thought the whole thing again. Ah well… and that’ because my cert from SSA and NSC had finally arrived after being overdue for quite a while.

I was thinking on the train this morning of what did I miss out last week which I would like to place in the blog as a part of my memory in the cyberspace.
Although we use less than 10% of the brain in our lifetime I think I have to borrow the power of IT to help me with these. Sorry ar~ my brain I think 99% of my brain is inept.

Actually I just remembered that I missed out a night out with Selin&Tammie. It was 11.05.06 at PS for dinner at Swensen’s. fish and chips and sticky chewy chocolate! MMmmm…. Then we shopped at Carrefour, I had to buy stock for dinner tomorrow as its Vesak. Holiday lar…
Its nice to be out with them again, catching up on whats happening and what did I miss~

And yesterday, I was out with Pig. Had to settle some stuffs like my membership cards, tickets from sistics and well… just to hang out with her. Small girl and well I feel that she needs some fresh air and just walk walk lor. Zinger meal was nice although I took too much chili sauce. Bought lots of things. Tee for my mum and my brother a couple of jersey. 2 cute badges from art friend and well best of all was the fact that it felt so nice to be out with her.
And yea as usual gossip lor what else. It’s a pity that some of our friends are starting to feel rather irritated at the lack of outings and the lack of attention that we pay to them. But the thing is if you want attention, just call me.
Speaking of that, I have a few someone to contact so that irritation doesn’t get the best of us.

Somehow all I had today was the same old I’ll come back again.
Still no sales today and im getting bored.
Sent last 2 day’s stamp orders by sms. Cost me 4 of them.
I think im going for makan. Maybe my luck will change for the better this way…
I think I read too much poems just now from this book on sale called ‘women without man”.

Yup lunch was good although I had to restrain myself from having the sausage on bun with mustard and sauerkraut. And it wasn’t as nice as I had envisioned as I forgot to bring my storybook with me this morning. And I had to charge my phone at the phone charger here in Carrefour. Forgot to charge it last night and 1 bar wont last me long during work. Cost 2 dollars and it was really efficient and safe.
Darn I have to do stock taking again. And to make things worse, I’m wearing a skirt instead of pants today… oh bother!
And according to my eyes this morning, the spare in the cupboard is really really messy. Jumbled all over the cupboard. I wonder who did that!

Ahh finally a customer.
I was looking for the Carrefour personnel who could help her with the inflatable bed when she suddenly told me that she wanted stickers from me. I was delighted when I hear that but I wanted to settle her bed first.
She was rather anxious about the stickers and well I wont be going anywhere anytime soon also. But its nice to know that I am going to have a sale from a thoughtful lady who would rather look for the people herself and let me continue with this mindless rambling on the computer. I feel much better now~ ahh nice customer makes our day and our nice service makes their day. Isn’t it nice when we make each other’s day better by being nice to each other?

0003 hrs
now that im home and safe, i just want to add that i saw weini and the girls today~
its been so long and really its nice to see them! finally! got K'ers that K near me and amost every week!! WOHOO~
too bad my uncle had to go meeting or else i'll have a ride home liao~ ahwell!
by the way, anyone want to go china with me?? im looking for a mate to join me~

May 17, 2006

15.05.06 1331 hrs

15.05.06 1331 hrs
It’s been a while since I wrote in on a day at work.
Yea I’ve been slacking and well now that I’m back I felt lethargic and totally burned out.
To make things worse, I got the rejection letter from NUS already and my hopes are pinned on NTU now.
I’m feeling that dread aching up my spine when my mum called just before choir practice last Saturday that there’s a letter from NUS and she will open and call me later.
Totally spoiled my mood after that.

But today I’m cheerful although im tired after stocking facing and stock taking.
Cos this cheerful lady actually thanks me and praised me for a little action of telling her where the price checker is… isn’t it wonderful when customers who came after that are almost as cheerful and kind as her?!
The dread has finally settled and I’m getting ready for the next phrase of pleading and begging.
I never know that I have to BEG and PLEAD to pay to go to school…
Such a feeling man…
Time for lunch I feel as my stomach grumbles…

1441 hrs
I had Swiss Cheese Pork for 2 consecutive days already and I’m not tired of it!
In fact I love the sauerkraut so much I think I’m hooked badly onto it!
Yesterday’s dinner + lunch was with brother. Ban Mian and Tom Yam Ban Mian. Today Shirleen’s grandpa’s in hospital and critical condition… so she’s not coming down for dinner so what should I have for dinner??.... hmm….
Speaking of which, I’m overdue for blood donation…
Anyway I was going to say that I’m beginning to enjoy meal breaks at work.
Bringing my TaPao to the pantry, having a super cold drink at 60 cents and reading my story book. What a life!
If only I can live like that studying and not working…

1707 hrs
I just made my 11th sales being the first stamp order for today.
Not a bad day at all actually but I would prefer the air condition to be stronger as agreed by almost all of my customers. Yea its freaking warm and still in here. No air.
Im going to faint… *blonk*

I think I’m going for my dinner soon and well~ finish another part of the rather intriguing book that I’m reading from Val Mc-something. I don’t like her novels for Lindsay Gordon but this one novel for Tony Hills is captivating me at the moment although the real sucker hasn’t arrive as yet.
Hmm… what should I have for dinner…..

I’ll be back.
Speaking of which I have 96 dollars with someone… ahh money for something…
What should I eat for dinner... decisions decisions decisions…

1917 hrs
Ahh~ I was thinking of the sausages for dinner but then I decided to have the fried mee hoon and the gigantic fish cake. Plus 100plus. Not bad for dinner actually although I thought I would be more satisfied if I had the Swiss Cheese Pork with lots of sauerkraut on a toasted crispy bun. And come to think of it, it cost me 3.60 when I have the Carrefour tag instead of 4.60 good ehh~
Yup the books heating up although I thought it wasn’t as captivating as some of those I had read before. Maybe it’s the style. Don’t know lar.
And while I was walking to the shop from the backdoor, the thought of recording sprang and surprise even myself. I wonder what it takes for me to just make that belated appointment and be committed to that.
Just as what Gregory said. We need something concrete to cement that commitment to the one thing that we want to do. Like booking and finalizing the procedure of the concert hall for this years concert such that we chorale feel the need to be committed.
Maybe I need to book that appointment with them to finally feel that I AM going to do it.

2020 hrs
I just finished the wedding stickers orders that I was suppose to do that day at ToaPayoh. I felt so bad now that I forgot to SMS her the time where she can find me...
But all’s well as she got her stickers and I manage to churn my brain juices with creativity to come up with something that I’m pleased with and I can see that she is too although I thought she would be more happy if the stickers have the picture of the couple silhouette that she envisioned.
Weddings are such nice events and I feel that it’s my duty to bend the rules a little to give them what they want for their weddings… =P

May 12, 2006

uninvited and irritating visitor.

Damn it!
i absolutely hate it when people come to my place uninvited and secretly.
must be that darn van again.
i HATE understand so stop doing it already!

its about time that he take care of our little sister properely and in the ABSENCE of you get it?! or so you want me to start taking drastic action which will probably end the relationship between me and my brother?! does breaking a family makes you happy? if that does then FINE!


May 07, 2006

purity from mud...

May 06, 2006

Sausage with bun and sauerkraut

Shyt man! I must be aging really really fast!
I forgot to bring along my thumbdrive along to work for the second consecutive day already!
My goodness! Is this a sign from up there that I have to listen to my mother and buy my brother a thumbdrive for his use?!
Waaaaaa~ okay lor! Since her birthday is coming and well I don’t mind being a goody daughter anyway~
Haha! Jaa~ time to go buy thumbdrive and well I’ll be back.

OOooo… tonight working to end with CP.
Yeah! I wonder if she want to do the DVD or the sticker section?
I prefer the sticker section though.
Time for lunch bah….
After this customer that is…

Ahh today when I thought I can work until 5 and go home~ I receive a call asking if I can work full~ I don’t mind the extra money lar~ but it would be nice to go home early haha~ but counting the days that im working this month, I really don’t mind extra hours!

Have you ever been disgusted with anything that some parents do during shopping?
I just got the nauseating feedback from a parent’s action for the sake of her child.
She lined the shopping cart with bare pillows from the pillow crate and allow her child to stand and play with the pillows. Taking even longer to decide which is puffier than the rest so that that boy gets comfortable.
My goodness! How can you be so inconsiderate and allow your child to dirty the pillows?! And do you have any idea that there are people out there who might want to buy that pillow?? And do you know that there are parents before you doing that same thing to the pillows already?? How can you let him sleep and play on the dirty pillows?? My goodness! Vicious cycle indeed!

Anyway im still stuck at 3 orders for today and my nose is complaining already from the dry dry air.
Im going to get that MP3 after all since Creative’s price for 1GB is at $199/- hehheh thanks to Selin san.

Its like a slow death when you cut yourself at the flesh above the nails and with the passing of each day, you cut yourself at the same spot deeper and deeper until it bleeds…. Now I have a bloody finger. Lucky it’s the index of people might think that I’m swearing at them haha!

I’m working full afterall.
Ahwell~ more money lar! But for a Friday I think my sales so far aren’t good enough.
9 orni(only)
I’m tired and we are still waiting for arrival of stock. After which I think I’ll go for dinner.
Sausage with bun and sauerkraut. MMmmmm I love the sauerkraut only! Haha!

I haven’t had dinner yet and I’m wondering if I should work tomorrow…
Anyway today’s sales 1703.00
Yea… maybe I should work lar…

Anyway its 2222 and I’m just starting to pack up.
Today’s total 2304. Not bad lar~
And I’m still thinking of should I work ornot….

Its 060506 1355hrs and I’m still at home
So I’m not working lar! Fei hua!
I just want to add that i didnt buy the MP3 cos no time to look and well i also dont have the chance to have the Sausage with bun and sauerkraut... T.T i want my sauerkraut!! =(

May 03, 2006

another episode at work.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006. Four more days to Voting Day.
Due to that, we can’t have the much needed choir practice that afternoon.

Its already 1239, I only sold I stamp order.
Nothing much to do so I rearranged the ‘stall’ and it’s much tidier and neater to me. I don’t know how the other colleges will react to that. But I don’t care! Haha

Time to fill in on what happened last weekend.
I broke my nail at the pink part. Hurt like OOOOooooo…..
And of all things, I had to work the next day (Sunday).
Although the really belated family gathering was really fun, I had to think of a way to fix that nail somehow.

I didn’t come up with anything good enough and it was a torture to wash up all day.
Just when I reach PS that day, this nail saloon caught my eye.
Maybe they can do something about it.
I grind through until lunch break. Ran to the saloon and enquire.
This girl, I think her name was angela or something... cant recall , said the only thing they can do for my kinda damage was to make acrylic nail.
WTH is that?!
Well its just a rather painful procedure of applying a paste like acrylic onto the nails and well besides the buffing and filing that was already pain pain.
But the result was WOW.
A layer of protection that felt almost real, clear and a little hazy, it still shows the nail color as well as the line of the crack from beneath.
10 dollar for a 5 minute process that grant you a painless recovery. Not bad at all. But no thanks I don’t want another episode of pain and torture!
Plus I had express manicure that’s of the color that I like. Silver. Nice~

Something really funny must have happened to me unknowingly.
I actually climbed out of bed early today and went downstairs to swim.
It’s been so long and the water really felt good, except I can feel that I wasn’t as fit as I used to be. It would be perfect if the water is cooler chillier.
I have to train up again somehow.
Besides I feel good now at work ignoring the ache and the ultra dry eye and hair…
Hehheh… good ar? A swim in the morning before work.
I shall try the 0630 early swim tomorrow…
And have BIG BREAKFASAT buahahahahah! Waste all the workout!

Ahh~ finally settled down to G-Wrap my phone.
$58/- Cost me a bomb though but I’m happy with the results so far.
Until I have complains, I’ll just settle and be glad with this design.
And during which my watch decided to die at around 1930.
So there goes another $8/- to CityChain to replace the dead battery.
Ahwell… :)

haha CP and BL came over yesterday to get some stickers. CP's brother needs them.
i bought 2 foolscape booklets at $450. now i have a feeling that i have to use them urgently.
ahh~ good... start studying... anything. how about sprites for a start?
closed late and ZZZzzzz....