November 25, 2005

101 post

this is the 101 post as according to the counter on blogger for this blog...
ehh not really is you exclude the song lyrics i've put into this blog when i dont have anything but want to update another entry... yea i think there were 10 lyrics in here, exactly 10. wow~

yea this week isnt that nice afterall since i got the whole package of sore throat, flu and blah blah including a hot brain that's half fried sitting in the hollow of my skull.
i dont like it when i wake up in the morning and BAM! you realise your sick and cant carry out what you wanted to get done the night before! damn~ but yea recovering and yea it feels good~

anyway its nice to see that everyones living really well, unless they are faking it on their blogs that is~
and well i guess its time i buck up and start studying so that i dont get left behind~ yea time to go back to the learning that never ends...

yea yuck!

November 21, 2005

the feeling of winter

im in the mood again....
its the time of the year when i fall in love with my emotions again....
ahh the cold atmosphere, humongous winds, cosy atmosphere....
Jazz... Relaxation... Calm... and just plain loving every emotion that comes in this season...
all that loving and giving and happiness in the airs affecting me...
Ahhhh...... so nice to feel this way again~
im only missing that someone special to spend this season with...
trust me, im not talking about christmas.... nor am i talking about that turkey...
im a free-thinker remember!
i just love the feeling of Winter~

November 17, 2005

フリップフラップQ と ひだまりの民 と "Earth From Above"

it was a bloody sunny wednesday afternoon.
it going to be a study group outing
it was going to be really nice to enjoy really wonderful pictures along orchard road
i didnt know that it was going to be a spending session too...

so i bought this plant フリップフラップQ, which i've been eyeing forever at Isetan at their christmas fair( the orange pot one) and another keychain of the ひだまりの民 ( green bgut exchange with selin to a yellow one)
ahh... the parody of life~ at least i can srtike off one from my wish list~

before all that, we were stuck at this exhibition located along orchard road.
you should check that out really! its inspirational and i cant wait to start doing photography myself...
Yann Arthus-Bertrand's "Earth From Above"

and we had the long awaited fast-food!!! oh my goodness! how long have i missed the savoury tempting sinful Burger King?! and to add to that, the 3 of us finished 18 packs of chili sauce! my goodness! next time it shall be 20!

then off to my shopping spree and the walk to Mos Burger at Isetan, the sopt of inspiration and atmosphere for studying~ i might be there again cos i like that corner! Peach Tea was nice but having company for revision was even better!

maybe i'll get another of that plant...

November 16, 2005


你臉上幾件 包裝得完整 精致的歉意   
我不想收下 卻要裝做它 是份貼心的禮
欺騙的話語 卻捧在手心 還那麼動聽   
我只能安靜 若笑著沉迷 一場無聲的冷雨  
只是 我能負載多少對不起 和虛偽的暖意   
怎麼能怪你 (不想怪你) 
無心親吻了我 寂寞旅人的心  
何必 流著眼淚說你也傷心 費心裝飾別離   
回到原點 反正我本來就是一個人旅行

November 15, 2005

my terribly unwise....

(pardon me)... view on life that just keeps changing all the time...
ah~ the facts of life.
its nice to talk about them but its never nice to have them around your life.

some say they are the people you hang around with when you are lonely
many say they are the vessel that helps you learn more about yourself and is there when your families cant come in place
I say cant live without them!

some sat its a package where the good and bad that comes with it.
many tell me its wonderful and simply joy in itself
I say its scary.

some say it scary and damn, its the end
many tell me its not the end, its just the beginning
I say i wouldnt know but i want to just live life now and bother about that when i die.

some say its the investment for the future payroll
many say its the necessity to survive life itself
i say life would be boring if not the endless influx of knowledge a.k.a. more stuffs to learn...

ah i dont remember what else is there...
a little on my love life:
im still that dumbass single
who played tarot recently and got the "coward" card.
ahwell~ i am the COWARD when it come to love anyway~
what can i do?! i cant stand the sight of good looking guys! i'll stare and marvel at the sight of them and stare, the kind of stare that gives the impression of a fever so hot it treatens to burn my brain of all normal functions.

ahh... giddy setting in....
time to stop.

November 12, 2005

J.J. 林俊傑

WAaaaaa........! OMG this is like WOW!
J.J. 林俊傑 man! oh my gosh~! im swept off my feet when i see him real life in front of me! so cute man~ *faint*
damn it man~ forgot to take picture~ haiz.... sianz half half already~
location: Funan IT mall
time: 7pm
Floor:3rd outside Sakae Sushi
aiyah~ so sayang..... Aww....

November 10, 2005

WAa~ i scared of THUNDER~!

wa thunder in the distance, floor shakin and im sleepy.
i want to blog~ haha.
suddenly i realise im such a coward.
lets see....
im scared of the thunder....
the lightening....
the billowing curtain....
being alone at home....
being left alone in an unfamiliar place....
walking home after class in the dark dark alley....
oh and it seems that jon is the only one who could help geri afterall~
he should have stepped in earlier! chey!
aiyah~ done liao then good. i dont have the time and energy for this anymore!
and yes you guys in NUS also need to start mugging liao anyway~
just let this be the last time this happens ever~ no thank you i dont want another experience~

adipose~~, mother hen and cobra time for us to ganbatte liao!!!
hai! i will ganbarimasu!! you guys too okay!

no time! no time mum~!

November 08, 2005

Room N14

i wanted to blog about the class outing (finally!) at seoul garden at takashimaya( on the 4/11/2005, fri)...
i was so so busy with reports and assignments and the oh so horrible tests that i simply cant squeese out the time to blog anything in here.... haha

without N14, i was really pleasantly surprised to see that the class hasent changed at all!
it was especially nice to see Diviyan, Khala, Felicia, Gideon, Seng Chye again and catch up on how they are doing for this one and a half year without a class outing.
yea we ate, talk, vrap and most of all GOSSIP! buahahaha
things about who's attached and whats going on and laugh like we dod a long time ago.
N14 might have been torn down already but the spirit's still within us~
im just so contented to have known all these fun loving people~
maybe i should have studied harder to join them in NUS as seniors now~
haiz~ but then i will catch up! somehow. i dunno yet but i will~
yea i used to say that theres still a form of class outing, but its only me, hoze, jonny and xk. you call that a class outing?! we have 19 in our class for goodness sakes!
nice to hear ms Choong's laughter again and eat together after that last class BBQ!
it was a disaster but it's ALOT of fun! trust me!

i miss the class already~ AWwwww.......

【普通朋友 (陶喆)】

詞曲: 陶喆(David Tao)



我願意改變 (what can I do?)
重新再來一遍(just give me chance)

I, I only want to be your friend 做個朋友
我猜妳心中只是 just a friend 不是情人

So I
我不能只是 be your friend
I just can't be your friend

November 01, 2005

kBox VS me

i have this fetish to sing and i probably had spent too much singing at kBox already...
i cant help it!
im covered to the brim with assignments to complete and exams to cover,
i dont have the time and energy to be bothered with stuffs that are not enough to satisfy me and that thought on the quality spending of time!
i am like learning to multi-task and somehow kBox can satisfy that facination of being a singer, performing and well just enjoying myself with friends at the same time~
but in the end its me and my facination for singing.
maybe i'll go cut a CD for myself on my next birthday.
be a singer with a CD buahahah~

sales figure: only ONE

okay so i blog this time for that sake of blogging.... so what! :P