March 30, 2006

Shrooms Burger

wahahahahaha yesh~ selin san came over on tuesday and i only have one pic to show.
(^v^) yes this picture!
i felt bad 'abandoning' her when customers came... sorrie lar~
and yes i found a way there FAST. faster than MRT sia! buahahahaha next time i teach you ar tammie! due to her shrooms burger crave, i got KFC crave now.
i think i siao siao liao. craving for that fried skin and the juicy flesh... BUT cannot cos my throat working up again and its bothering me. shall drink more water and sleep early! i still cannot sleep early... body clock screwed up la!
so sad sia. next tues and thurs i also working and so cannot coincide with the gals outing... ahwell~
yes my feet still sore and i want to earn $ alot of $ cos i like the feeling of growing account, which is always so empty... wa must wait till end of next month arh... nvm... its not alot of pay anyway.
i finally had ASAHI last night just before 7/11's curfew. its better than tiger and carlsberg in my opinion cos female prefer lighter taste. same theory as champagne vs wine lar. next time try the other one. of which forgot name liao...

to the complaining people~ i took 1 hour to complete also. but for your reference which just cross my mind. here's the original.

March 27, 2006

no comments. my feet are more important.

im not feeling well, my brother's getting on my nerves and i'm starting work at bukit panjang NTUC. earning okay but i still feel that its not rewarding enough in terms of satisfaction from work. we shall see tomorrow. in the meantime: find a book to read on the blardee long ride there and back, buy a comfortable flat shoe to wear, and start to pray for application sucess.
i updated the puzzle also and this time dont complain hard.
and yes i would try to stick to photos i took so dont complain ugly. my talents are limited.
no comments as i would prefer to attend to my sore feet and my nose. maybe i need a latte.

March 22, 2006

a most delightful day

i waked up today and wondered what day it is....
was it saturday or something...
then i heard dear mama screaming at me to wake up...
Aww just when i felt that it's a nice nice dream...
its okay~ time to wake up anyway and do something constructive.
Call SSA, settle some stuffs and then i start dreaming again.
then i added something to this blog that i am beginning to regret a little...

yesterday, "soul-mate" and i finally met after flying each other's kite for dunno how many times.
and i must say the death-by-chocolate milkshake at Cartel was MMMmmm~
and yes due to traffic and hairdresser's delay i went shopping and finally bought a watch for myself to my pocket's horror... yea... MU-EE's... ring any bell? hai
Nanny McPhee was nice to my relieve
it all took place in a dark and very empty theatre, (no im not telling ghost story lar)
watch a nice movie and hear the laughter of your company.
yes the LAUGHTER
as usual i hate the chairs and the mostly undelightful air-con (which wasnt that undelightful in theatre6) and that lack of air feeling when you step out.
and did you know that 秋莲板面 is still around and doing well?!
my goodness! the last time i had that was dunno how many centuries ago liao!
the ikanbilis, almost raw egg and the freshly made ice-lemon tea... aiyah hungry again... Siao!
Talk and talk and talk until your teacher can slap you arh!
did i say its the first time i go out with only 1 guy?
1 nia! but its enough haha
but funny man~ people suddenly appear like POP!
met alot of friends that you think about during boring days like these.
but its all a Hi-Bye affair then computer hang there and wonder: what was that?
aiyah~ now im hooked and i want to meet again...
i havent talked and talked and talked like this in a long long time you know!
and please dont forget moi when you get attached!
T.T (i dont care arh! i want to use this!)
oh yea before i forget... i realise i havent paid you the dinner $$ so next time dinner i pay arh~
that is if we dont fly each other kite again

now time to complain... i missed my 大姨妈 and its the end of the month liao.
hmm... saved $$ lor~ haa
and im PEELing~ from the sunburn after kayaking last time...
lucky not yesterday or wa biang my shoulder and leg sure ugly one!

March 16, 2006

No words can describe how thankful and grateful i am!

i am genuinely vexed and upset with myself for the third time with regards to myself over the same matter that clung onto me two times two years ago.

this is the period of application to the local as well as overseas universities that i believe alot of students are doing.
some may be doing it with peace of mind, others might be like me.
poor results, horrible history of no medals or awards.
dying to get into a local university of the choiced faculty
which for my case is Science and study of Biological Science.

yes you can jolly well believe that i screwed up my A levels and its no surprise at that point of time but i had rather stormy mood and attitude which i am very sorry especially to my family who had to pratically hide from my view.

and yes im applying this year yet again and well after completing the foundation certificate with bradford this year, i cant let go of biology any more!
im transfixed to this subject and im pratically begging on my knees

Please Let Me In~ i realise my mistake and im willing to prove that i can do wonderful results!

as usual, i never say die and try to keep that optimistic me burning until it crumbles into a joyous heap or a broken pile of shattered heart.
thus i've been calling and talking and sending emails with the sincerest of my heart.
a call for help and support.
im just so desperate that i actually teared enough to shock my brother while i was writing to my former lecturers for Foundation while one cant be reached to my disappointment...
i kept their names confidential cos i dont have their permission

as i have said: it is my dream to be in a local university.
reason: its a cocktail of many many reasons which include not giving my parents the pressure money and face wise as well as myself who would prefer to study at home and be a Full Time student. there are alot more reasons which i prefer not to list as its rather touchy.

i wouldnt want to offend anyone with my decision, least make you feel your not good enough.
im just trying to get where i always wanted, where i aimed to be.
through this crisis of mine, it just made me realise that i love studying more than anything else.
although many would say isnt it a little early to realise this for many realise that only when they start working.
its the experience and things i see that made me see what i really love earlier.

the main theme of this entry is to thank everyone for all that attention and bearing with me when i ask and asked for more when you have already given me enough!
i can only thank all of you with the continual effort to present the best that i have in everything that i would face in the future.
No words can describe how thankful and grateful i am!

Thank You!

March 09, 2006

sunburn sui sui man

everytime i promise myself that i wont get sunburned, i do again and again
sometimes it feels as if you just wont listen especially if its something that you do.

doctors smoke and drink, brokers save money for retirement, racers take road safety much more seriously then anyone else, police speed and beat people legally, i get enough sunburn that i worry sometimes... you know~ skin damage,1st degree burn,
cancer? bingo?!

anyway its suppose to be a kayaking trip at ECP
no kayak how to kayak?
hike for almost 1 hour 3km
thristy, hot and tired we stopped at this canoe rental place near bedok jetty.
had icecream or rather ice sticks of orange and ribena like juice~ my fav from walls~
MMMmmmmmm~ to i had a total of 4 that day but thats another thing
cycle with selin for another 4km to and back.
then play in sea water cold feet warm body and hot face... funny temperature transition but thats the sea what.
got wet, dig hole, pick small shells and throw again and best of all we exfoliate!
YESH our pretty feets and legs and arms!
sand rub rub, sea water wash OOOHHHHhhh smooth smooth~
then we accomplish canoeing me and tammie!
nice freakinly clean water out there sunny weather and well peace and quiet.
row back to selin and vicki where they meet bad weather.
capsize and the poor girls get lots of cuts and bruises~
aww.... poor things~ i felt so bad not realising that theres danger when they disappear from sight...
then we rescue them not in the sea lar on land!
then tam and i tried to row back but the waves to big for comfort actually... safety purpose and its hard for tam to row out imagine wave cover ahNgee when i row out... singapore actually has waves! so we decided to drag the canoes back! HOHOHO! almost 1.5km worth of road to cover!
no signboard steamboat to bedok jetty there! poor girls~
then we had coconut and sugercane as a treat to calm the shaken girls, bath at open air heck the no soap and shampoo place, change and took taxi to some kechil jurong place for makan~
fried chicken satay fried carrot cake sotong turn fish BBQ and "zui guei"
took bus home
tired, pained and full time to sleep
but ahh sunburn sui sui man!

and as i promised again in their tag boards: time i WONT kenna sunburned
and other stuffs
2. ah i hurt small thing lar! no hurt then funny arh! anyway its time i get injured also~ havent bleed in a long time! lucky got this time or i sure kenna fall in drain one!
3. what sorry~ har?! wart???????????? ehh~ i think i got hearing problem...
4. next time go wild wild wet lar! or excape! never go before!
5. damn pain pain! i want to SCRATCH!!!

March 06, 2006

thoughts when you are tired

sometimes i think of stuffs like...
if you make new friends, does that means that your old friends go down the drain....
apparently not so, okay maybe a couple...
maybe they are caught at a rather interesting window and you moved on without noticing

its hard enough being a relatively happy and responsible human being everyday
and the growing population of friends make it even more interesting when you fill up the schedule everyday
ive been reading alot of blogs recently and well its kinda interesting to see how everyone's going on and what are their thoughts at the moment
interesting entries made me felt bad losing out on their lives...

plagarism case which i thought was plain to see
a one month trip overseas for schooling purposes
birthday dedications
campus star and complains
work vs enjoyment
death of relatives
career fair
WTF entries

i feel kinda bad but i only have 24 hours a day
im not feeling well at the moment and im sorry that im the kinda person who 记仇 and well i dont forget so easily one...
im not aiming at anyone if you feel that i am...
its just that sometimes i get pissed off very easily and i dont know why...
sometimes its just that something that came into my mind
sometimes its just me
its hard for me to open up to anyone and well although i talk alot, its crap
nothing deep in me heart nothing solid.
its always until someone opens up to me and when i feel like hugging that someone and cry together with her that i open up...

but once hurt twice shy always apply for me...
i never at till now its been true that i dont give second chance...
sorry but i dont believe in second chances when it comes to matters at heart
emotional, sensitive and rather delicate issues
although i always say i dont mind, i find myself disappearing into the shadows sometimes...