July 11, 2009

Night Festival 2009: The Loop of Fortune

Night Festival 2009: The Loop of Fortune

By Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM (Germany)
Venue: Singapore Management University Campus Green, National Museum of Singapore Stamford Green and Stamford Road
Date: FRI 10 JUL 2009 - SAT 11 JUL 2009 10:30pm – 11:00pm

Making its premiere in Singapore, The Loop of Fortune weaves the audience and the surrounding architecture into the plot of the performance, and uses associative images to tell the story of a man’s happiness and destiny.
Starting from Singapore Management University’s Campus Green, the performance shifts across the street to a large-scale finale in front of the National Museum of Singapore. The Loop of Fortune unfolds through acrobatics, acting, live vocals and seamlessly interwoven firework displays. The audience accompanies the protagonist through various stages of his life, different emotional states – the joyful and naïve feelings of happiness alternate with overconfidence and fear – and finally, the dawn of the awareness that it is neither necessary nor possible to oppose one’s destiny.

(from National Museum of Singapore website)
It was suppose to be a gathering in honour of my birthday.
Steamboat and fireworks after that.
As with this group of peeps... I always felt left out.
because opinions are usually not sought from me but the girls of the same age.
I am 1 year older....
and if u ask me why i kept my silent?
I've known them for what? 10 years? and my opinions are always NOT important.
so why waste ur breath.
yes i've been disappointed many times.
thats why i say dont organise or plan a celebration of my birthday.
thats why i would rather spend it somewhere else like AYG this year.
true enough. its still the boyfriends and girly stuffs that get in the way.
Damn it. I knew its coming already but I choose to believe yet again.
and Damn it again, Im correct.
Now that its too late to return to the museum again... im am disappointed.
VERY disappointed... with myself too.... I should have made my stand and stood there to watch ALONE. at least ill return happy.
I an proud to say im an arty farty person.
I love opera, orchestra performances and above all, abstract art or modern expression such as the above... I should have listened to my heart....
after 24 years of training myself to keep mum and go with the flow.... its hard to break habit.
and because i love this group of peeps too much, i am hurt even more with the simple fact that they have forgotten that the gathering today is for me. they should have asked for my opinion.....
even after I hinted to the cat, it remained oblivious to them that I wanted to stay... and they had obviously forgotten that today's fireworks were suppose to be for me.....



Blogger Butterflygalz said...

Stubmbled at your post while I was searching to see if Loop of fortune did went as planned on Saturday as I gave up waiting too..

Decided to say Happy Birthday to you, and give yourself a belated bday present by visiting the museum again. It is never too late :)

8:05 PM  
Blogger babypanda said...

thanks butterfly girl~~ (^.^)

10:10 PM  

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