July 12, 2009

remembering my past


the past entries which ive clocked since day 1 was hilarious!
to think that ive been through all those crap, pen all those moments of emotional rush, bitched about life and well everything in between.

ahh~ and of course, the darlinSsss who have read, is reading my blog and has stayed with me for so long. Thank YOu! Its a wonder I havent bored you enough haha~~

Wow, Im such a daring idoit!
I blog about almost anything in the spur of the moment or the sudden urge to blog!
hmm... im not bitchy enough to rope in readers and engage them enough to be a starblogger though... aww....

but~ ha.... its nice to see and remember the past from these entries~
at least I know ive survived and lived a sometimes too colorful life~

p/s: for those that shot me down for defending gays; i still say watever darlin.
for those that hurt me so much in the past, thank you for making me a stronger
person today than yesterday.
for those that didnt believe in me, im glad u didnt cos my life is so great its
a dream and I dont wanna wake up!

for my friends, thank you for being there everytime, catching me when im falling
when im upset but bottled myself up, when i lost myself.
for the memories and everything else~ Im glad i have started this blog because
I have something to read, laugh, smile, and cry for the many days to come :)


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