November 12, 2007

another day at work... slacking in between

yea as always its been a whole long while.. i always have so much to write, so much to ponder but i always forget them especially when my brain keeps spinning. and i mean it when i say spinning. LITERALLY it is spinning.
exams are round the corner and i'm still slacking.. i wasted deepavali holiday, and im wasting my free time now doing this instead of looking at AQM lab report. damn if i pull through
im slacking in the office 2 minutes to lunch time because the doc's not in.
why? ahh~ our dear patient lor what else? he's not gotten a wink at all and if he doesnt get he's needed nap after the last patient before lunch, i think he'll collapse.
me? i think im not that good either...
i feel dizzy most of the day. even now staring at the screen, i can feel the spin starting already... dunno if its low blood count or wat? but since im still alive and annoying, im okay.
i hope so.
its a wonder i survive yet another 'heart attack' while my friends say "not again~" with a slap to their forehead. most of you might not know what happened and im not going to play clever and put it up on my i-thought-nobody-reads-this blog. at least im proud of myself this time. real smug about it actually! see, im still talking, joking and i still pay attention to class. OOPS! buahahahah...!
okay im a lil' sore that we are not that close but watever lar~ life's like that. just take it with a huge grin and thank goodness that it coulda've been alot worse, much worse. (^^)

another lost stranger... ask where colonoscopy...? so rude somemore! aiya i lost my train of thoughts.... nvm... time for lunch...

im late for lunch can you believe it?! 16 minutes late... ciao!

finally work ends. clean up smelling of the stinky scrub, im back trying to think what was it i wanted to fill in here....? forgot liao... 545pm... late again... what happen to my 530 sharp?
im so darn drained especially when its a full clinic today... super drained. but at least its a good day for me so far~ everything went right-on-track... well sort of anyway~ good enough for me. man it feels darn good to be moving 1 step ahead of ur boss =P

okay i want to leave already. tomorrow's another looooooooooong day. half day work and a class to go to... bo bian... i love $... okay maybe im not... i always believe having enough to be a happy me is good enough. having the cash to buy what i want, eat what i want, and extra to make the people around me happy is enough cash already~ okay so you dont believe me... well do i even care? harhar~
okay i really better leave already! its 555pm! HOLY SHYT!! i've got a dinner to attend! damn i dont even remember and im not dressed for it.... oh no.... better run! burbye~!!



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