August 11, 2009

fb quiz... (part 6)

Love Zodiac Profile for the zodiac sign Cancer.

If you are Cancer:
You crave for more and more love. You are very emotional and very romantic.
There are no bounds in love for your partner.
You tend to have relationships that do not last for a long time.
You are devoted and a gentle-hearted lover.
You pour your everything in a relationship. Sentiments are very important for you.
You do not go overboard in displaying your romantic feelings but you ensure that the object of your affection knows how much you care for them.

Your kissing style:
Your kisses are sensual and fabulous.

To attract you, the opposite sex must be:
expressive, sensitive, romantic, intimate, etc.

You are more compatible with - Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
You are less compatible with -Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius


The Real "True Colors" Quiz : Blue.

Values: Sensitivity Harmony Compassion
Joys: Romance Friendships Affection
Strengths: Nurturer Sincere Creativity
Needs: Understanding Love Affection
Frustrations: Lack of Romance Disharmony Time Limits

At work you have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives.
You often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions.
You are adept at motivating and interacting with others

In love you seek harmonious relationships.
You are a true romantic and believe in perfect love that lasts forever.
You bring drama, warmth, and empathy to relationships.
You enjoy sysmbols of romance such as flowers, candlelight, and music and cherish the small gestures of love.

In childhood you were extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life.
You reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition.
You responded to encouragement


What Does The Week You Were Born Say About You?
The Week of the Empath

You are hard to figure out, emotionally complex, and have contrasting qualities.
You may strike one person as outgoing, another as retiring, one as positive and expansive, another as negative and depressive, still others as easygoing, others as difficult.
You are a sensitive individual and can easily pick up on the feelings of others.

You are very clever on getting your way and are financially astute.
You can swing from angry outbursts to repression which can often lead to self destruction.
You are capable of withdrawing from the world for months or even years.

You must overcome inflexibility and real or imagined handicaps.
You are a sympathetic, technically proficient, financially astute partner who loves the security of home and can be counted on to keep things in good working order.

Strengths: Financially Astute – Sensitive – Technically Proficient
Weaknesses: Aggressive – Fearful – Needy .



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